Monday, April 6, 2009

Z Crib of Z Baby

(And yes, I intend that to be "crib" as in the place-where-baby-sleeps along with "crib" as in MTV rapper speak for location-where-one-lives. I suppose we could simplify matters and just title this The Nursery or The Baby Room, but, seriously, what fun is that?)

To see where we were with the nursery in December, click here.

First, to acquaint you with the layout of the room:

Perspective from the doorway, looking left

From inside the room

Standing in front of the window looking back towards the doorway

And a few details:

A simple hot pink and white MDF bookshelf we built after we were unable to find anything we liked (within our price range).

This is the large painting over the crib that I am completely in love with! We met an artist at the Afonso Pena Feira that does a lot of children's themed work. He did the cutest animals and kids, but he didn't have anything with sheep. After talking to him a bit and exchanging a bunch of email, we commissioned this piece and we were so happy with the result!!! So much fun! (Think our subsequent children will be jealous that they never had a piece of art commissioned for them?!? hehe)

We bought these three smaller paintings from the same artist before asking him to do the custom one with the sheep.

I fell in love with this guy (made of wood, re-bar, and washers) at a local artisan shop. He was deeply discounted due to a crack in the wood, but I think it just adds more character. :)

And the elephant piggy bank was a gift from my middle brother, Justin. He bought it from a local potter up in the North Georgia mountains where he lives. We've had it since Christmas, and I still giggle every time I look at it!

And maybe the most important components of the little princess' room . . .

her closet

and shoe drawer.

Could you not just die from the cuteness of baby footwear? I mean, seriously, I've been able to refrain from buying too many pairs (most of these were gifts) . . . but once she is here and wearing them, Lord help us! Eric thought I had a problem with shoes, but I think he is realizing that we're about to take things to a whole new level around here! His only consolation? At least baby shoes don't take up as much space. :)


DRL said...

Everything looks fantastic and I LOVE the painting :)

I just had a bunch of people over and my baby shoe drawer was a big hit here too... haha! Mine are all unisex though so not as cute as yours!

Beth O. said...

So adorable! Makes me want to have one! ..."Oh Jason..." ;)

Jeremy Sarber said...

It looks good, like it's right out of a home decor magazine.

An American Girl said...

So precious!! All it needs now is a sweet little girl! Love the mural you had made, too! Very special! Hope you are feeling as good as can be expected this close to the big day! Good luck! Thinking of you! :)

Bethany said...

The room looks adorable!!