Monday, April 20, 2009

Promising . . .

Okay, so at the risk of speaking too soon and ruining a good thing:

We just might be getting closer to baby time around here!

And at the risk of being accused of revealing too much personal information:

I lost my mucus plug at 8:00 this morning and contractions started immediately thereafter.

My contractions have been getting more frequent, regular, and intense throughout the day. After spending a couple hours thinking that these things are getting a lot closer together, we've been timing contractions for the last hour now. Contractions are coming 4-5 minutes apart and lasting an average of about 45 seconds.

Eric had the day off, although he spent some time working from home. (Tomorrow is Tiradentes Day - a national holiday in Brasil - and they bridged it into a 4-day weekend.) Most of the day we've been going about business as usual, taking short little 30-60 second breaks for me to put that hypnobirth relaxation breathing to work and get through the contractions.

Still trying not to get too excited . . . but I'm calling this progress! Since we've already missed his birthday, Eric is holding out hope that I can get this baby birthed in the next four hours so she can be born on his grandpa's and sister's birthday (both born April 20!)

We'll see what happens.


Stephanie said...

YES! That is SO exciting!!!

Beth O. said...

Way to go! Happy & Healthy Labor!

lovelydharma said...

Go baby go!

Prayers and good thoughts!

brandi said...

Praying for you guys!!!

Dianne said...

Oh, I'm almost feeling your contractions. And, you can NEVAH share too much 'twixt fellow sisters who have been there a'fore you. I think this is it. May God bless the birth and all involved.

Beth O. said...

Congratulations! So cute!