Wednesday, April 29, 2009

And the most important rule is

Muzzle Control.

That was a concept really drilled into my head back in my 4-H shooting sports days. (I started out competing in BB gun matches as a youngster and went on to shotgun and air rifle competitions in high school.) In other words, pay attention to where you are pointing your gun.

My husband should have stayed awake in his hunter's safety class. I think he missed the part about being cautious with loaded weapons.

(Caution: Graphic material. Not for weak stomachs.)

She got the changing table.

And she got Daddy.

And she got the floor - up to roughly 3 feet away from the changing table.

For those of you without newborn experience: yes that is what breastmilk poo looks like.

For those of you with only boys: changing girl diapers can be challenging too.

For those of you expecting your first child in the near future: remember that when dealing with a loaded weapon, muzzle control is the most important rule. Don't point at anything you don't want to get shot.

And for those of you still wondering what the heck happened: Daddy was changing Miss Gabriela tonight. He lifted her little hiney up to give it a good cleaning when he heard a gurgling sound. He instinctively lowered her down a bit, but not before the explosion occurred. He called for help and just as soon as I got the camera and took some pictures and quit laughing, I gladly helped him get things all cleaned up - and quickly get a diaper on the little miss.

But Daddy's a trooper. He's a brave one. He's back there changing her diaper again right now as I type. And I assume being a lot more careful where he aims that itty bitty hiney!


Bruno said...

LOL Oh, that was disgusting! I'd NEVER think that such a cute little baby can be so "powerful". It´s yellow!! Eek...

Laural Out Loud said...

I don't know how I did it, but I totally avoided shooting poop with Gabi. That means, of course, that I'll get it doubly as bad with the next one!

Anonymous said...

I have removed your URL from my favorites.. Try and get that straitened out before I come in July.


Justin said...

I agree with Nathan. You'd better get this talk of mucus plugs and muzzle control out of your system before I visit you this fall.

Amanda said...

HAHA!! That reminds me of a time when Audrey did that to Jon. Granted her poo didn't go nearly as far as Miss Gabriela's but it did keep squirting out. I think he went thru 6 diapers before she stopped! And she was still on breast milk so it was just that nasty!

I wonder why as mother's we find it so funny when the daddy's get pooed on?! It's so nasty but it's so hilarious!! Tell Eric he has finally been initiated into the "real daddy club"! Jon's gonna get a kick outta this one!!

Anonymous said...

You have to tell readers that breast-fed babies' poo does not smell like that of babies who are given artificial food. Since breast milk is meant for babies there is very little in it that baby cannot digest and what is excreted is not foul-smelling.

Jill said...

Hyterical commentary! At least to this BB Safety teacher heading to Rock Eagle on Saturday!

It may be the first mess, but it's definitely not the last!

Enjoy your little one!

Rodney Chandler said...

And so it begins ... how well I remember countless conversations with other young parents - all about poo. Colors. Textures. Odors. Remnants. There was a stage where it seemed that conversations were 'all poo, all the time!' Welcome to our world! :-)

Stephanie said...

Hahahah too funny!!! That is one talented little lady!

Bethany said...

LOL yep, babies can certainly spray, girl or boy! ;)