Friday, April 17, 2009

A Birthday Baby?

I'd been suspecting those two of ganging up me. But I'm sure of it now.

Back when we were merely in the planning stages of offspring production, we spent some time looking at dates and trying to figure out the best time to have this little Mini-Z appear. (Have I ever mentioned how we both tend to be a bit on the "over-planner" side?) Eric thought April sounded good. And then when we found out we were indeed prego, we pulled out the calendar and figured we were looking at a due date sometime around April 11. Eric's almost immediate response was "Or maybe the baby will come a week later and be born on my birthday!"

I remember admonishing him right away - informing him that it is never, ever wise to wish a post-due baby on a pregnant woman. Especially not on a woman that you have to live with during said pregnancy.

I thought he'd given up on this birthday baby idea in exchange for let's get Z Baby Girl out here where I can meet her and give her Momma (and subsequently me) a break. But after three good hours of strong, regular contractions late last night, he loving whispered to his daughter that she was supposed to wait one more day and be born on Daddy's birthday.

And wouldn't you know it . . . the contractions stopped. Completely.

Shortly after noon today my darling husband called me to tell me that I can start those contractions back up again. Since we're within 12 hours of his birth date now I'm allowed to get things going as he would like to have her here by 1:00 am so he can have his birthday baby without having to stay up all night waiting for her. (See? It's not just me who likes to have a plan!)

And you know what? Given the connection those two have somehow already made - I don't put it past her to do just that.

Either way though, I'm quite certain I've got a Daddy's Girl on my hands (or in my uterus, or whatever). Along with a Daddy who's completely wrapped around his daughter's little finger - already. I am so excited to get her out here and see my two loves together.

And hey, if Eric wants to have a Princess Tea Party birthday for the next 10 years, who I am to take that away from him?

(The photo above is just a sneak peak of our maternity shoot we did 2 weeks ago. I haven't even gotten to see them yet - our photographer, Ricardo, took over 500 shots that day all over town and at our apartment and he's still working on editing them for us. I made this special request for my Sweetie's birthday - and Ricardo was kind enough to send it along to me today!)


Beth O. said...

I saw the "event" of Eric's birthday on my facebook page, and that was the first thing I thought of... a birthday baby!

Fernanda said...

My b-day is tomorrow, maybe Z-Baby is going to join us in the april 18th birthday club!
Hope everything goes well. I am getting in your blog and imagining: Am I going to ready that Z Baby made her appearance today?

Beth O. said...

Oh, and love the pic!

Aline said...

Baby Z might be close then... keep us posted...
Great picture!

An American Girl said...

Ohmygosh! I LOVE the sneak peek! So beautiful! And since the last post was Friday, I hope that means only one thing...a birthday baby girl! :) It's ironic because our baby girl is due Sept. 14 and Bond's birthday: Sept. 12! Are we leading parallel lives here?! ;) Hope the labor/delivery went well/is going well! Can't wait to hear about it, but no rush! ;)

Laural Out Loud said...

If that photo is any inidication, you are going to have some pretty amazing pictures!

Gabi was born on her dad's birthday. So sweet. They both get into Disneyland for free on the same day this year!