Friday, December 12, 2008

The Beginnings of a Nursery

With the delivery of Z Baby's crib yesterday (almost a month after they said it would be delivered, which was already a month after we ordered it to start with - glad we didn't wait until the last minute on that one, huh?), what used to be the spare guest bedroom is slowly taking shape and becoming a nursery.
We started on the crib/bedding search sort of early on since we knew we'd be traveling for a month and time would no doubt fly by once we returned. (Plus I wanted to have a theme set before we went to the US so I could indulge in a little shopping there too!) We are both pretty big fans of wooden furniture, but we found there is a lot more selection down here if you go the MDF route. We figured it'd serve our purposes well enough for now. And the sturdiness/safety/craftsmanship on this particular crib seemed to be much better than others that we saw.

We found the bedding at the Afonso Pena Feira shortly after finding out we were having a girl. We walked through the handcrafted baby items a long time before this set jumped out at both of us at the same time!

Even though it's mostly tan and minty-limey green, I am going to use lots of pink accents in the room to girly it up a bit. Plus, I really, really love pink and green together!

And I am totally loving that in Portuguese the sheep say "béé" instead of the English "Baa". I am on a mission now to find out all the animal sounds in Portuguese to teach my little filha brasileira. :) It never really occurred to me before that the 'sounds' animals make would be different in a different language!

When we come back we still have to buy a crib mattress, and then the kiddo will be set with a place to sleep at least. There's still a lot more that I want to do in there though! The ol' honey-do list is going to be growing rapidly next year.

And this is the dresser we bought that we are going to use as the changing table too once I put away all the goodies we've started to acquire for the little one.

I am really excited to be able to start decorating and organizing the nursery in January! It's going to make the impending arrival of Z Baby feel all the more real to me!


Amanda said...

I love pink and green too! Z baby will definitly be in style when she sleeps! Oh and I love how brave you are wearing a bikini while pregnant.......oh that's right, you DON"T LOOK PREGNANT!!! Arrggghhh :)

Amanda said...

Can't wait to see y'all!!!! I'm going to send you an email(so be sure to check) with Betsy's phone # so you can call me Friday

Márcio Pareto said...

Dogs say "au, au", cats say "miau, miau", pigs say "oinc, oinc", chickens say "popopopopó", cocks sing "cocoricóóóó", ducks say "quaquá", cows say "muuuu" and Bem-Te-Vis sing "bem te viiiii". :)

Russell said...

I love the Bem-Te-Vis! Although the song is different, I think their voice reminds me of a Magpie.

Ray Adkins said...


You might want to get your "filha Brasileira" a CD from "Saltinbancos"
It is a Brazilian group that made music for kids, some of their children music teaches kids the sound of animals in Portuguese.
You could also try and find one of those toys that plays the "Old Mc Donald Had a farm song" in Portuguese.
Your furniture looks solid and well built, it also looks very classic and stylish.
You two definitely have great taste.


AcesHigh said...

doesnt "bééé" sounds similar to english "baa"?

cats "miau" sounds just like "meow"

as for dogs, on the Wiki page about bark, they have "bark sounds" for lots of different languages. Most look similar to portuguese (finishing in A-U, or A-V (v in some languages has the U sound))

Emily said...

Thanks Márcio, and I appreciate the suggestion Ray!

Aces High, yes, the sound is very similar but just different enough to entertain me. (Which, honestly, is pretty easy to do! hehe)