Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Why You Should Visit Us in May

The highlights of the month of May in Belo Horizonte:
Rainy season is over - YEA! (We shouldn't see any significant rainfall again until October.)
The daytime highs are right around 78-82.
The overnight lows are normally about 60.
Everything is still lush and green from the rainy season.
Bright blue cloudless skies are more and more the norm.
(Not that there is a particularly bad time to visit here . . . I'm just saying I am rather partial to May.)

The other title for this post could have been Why I am Totally Lovin' My Life (or maybe Why I Should Totally be Punched in the Face if I Complain to You About Anything for the Next 30 Days.)

Here's today's schedule to prove my point:

6:05 Emily is awakened by Eric's alarm clock

6:06 Emily rolls over and goes back to sleep

6:45 Eric gets up, Emily wakes up to realize she has a sore throat (probably compliments of the crud Eric is fighting off right now)

7:00 Emily gets up to fix Eric breakfast

7:25 Emily kisses Eric goodbye and crawls back into bed with some Vitamin C drops

10:30 Emily decides she should really get out of bed (not actually being sick yet, it doesn't look good to spend all morning in bed!)

10:32 Emily realizes the bright blue skies from 7:00 am are still here

10:35 Emily decides she doesn't want to get sick and pounds more Vitamin C

1:00 After trying to be a decent housewife and doing some laundry and dishes, Emily heads off to the club in the new swimsuit she bought on clearance last week for R$5 (US$2.94)

1:00-2:45 Emily practically has the whole place to herself, so she takes a walk around the club, goes for a swim and settles in a lounge chair with a good book soaking up the fabulous day

3:00 Emily goes home and blogs about the wonderful place she is living and how absolutely spoiled she is thanks to her wonderful husband :)

But don't worry, everything in my life isn't totally glamorous. Like now for example, I need to get a shower and then take a check over to pay our rent. And then I have a 5:00 pm manicure/pedicure appointment at my salon where they have a special sale on Wednesdays so I only pay R$10 (US$5.88) for both. Hmmm, actually that last sentence might not help my life-isn't-always-glamorous case, huh? Anyway, after that I'm coming home to fix some soup for supper and try to get my husband all healthy so he can't pass along his crud to me! I am expecting lots more beautiful days in the very near future - being sick could really throw a kink in my plans to exploit this fabulous weather!

I'll leave you with a few pictures from the club today.


Eric said...

Please request more of Emily's daily itineraries. If she knows she is going to write about it in detail, then maybe she will get up and make me breakfast everyday!!!

P.S. Also request details on what she makes me for breakfast. (Notice that didn't make it in the blog today???)

Kate said...

haha Eric is funny! I want sun, a pool, and free-will!!

Justin said...

Hey Em, sounds like you had a good day yesterday. I think you should post your itinerary every day! So what did you make for Eric's breakfast this morning?