Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Exploring South America

We just finished finalizing more travel plans and now have another adventure to anticipate! After finding a really cheap flight and then doing a little more investigating and finding some great deals, we booked a little South American Getaway! Passports get ready, because you are about to get all stamped up!!!

On June 13 we will hop an overnight bus down to São Paulo (unless we find a flight on sale between now and then). June 14 we take a plane to Buenos Aires, Argentina. After spending four nights there, we fly over to Santiago, Chile (connecting through Uruguay). We will be in Santiago for five nights checking out the sights there, drinking, or um, I mean touring wine country, and skiing in the Andes. June 23 we will fly back to Buenos Aires, and June 24 we return to São Paulo. That night we go back to Belo Horizonte, and June 25 we are complete bums (I am suggesting we schedule massages after all the skiing, planes, and buses!) and recover from our trip before returning to the grind the next day.

Buenos Aires


(Pictures from Wikipedia)

We originally were told Eric wouldn't officially have any vacation time until January 2009. Vacation here is mandated by the government and gets a little tricky to figure out. But, we recently discovered he does indeed actually have some time off, so we are using some of it next month!

Our next few months should just completely fly by now! Just take a look at our schedule:

May 21-25 Vitória/Vila Velha, Espírito Santo

May 30-June 1 Carmo do Paranaíba, Minas Gerais for Softball Tournament

June 13-25 Vacation to Buenos Aires and Santiago

June 21-July 3 A college friend of Eric's will be in Brasil for work and we want to try to catch up with him at some point if we can work it out.

2 Weeks in July: A coworker of Eric's from the US (and also one of our very good friends) will be in BH for work. We plan to work some play in too while he's here.

End of August/First of September: We might have our first vacationing American visitors coming to stay with us. That is all still in the works, but we are really hoping it comes together!

As you can see, we are highly sought after people and reservations of our time are booking up. So those of you wanting to see us, well, you better start thinking about when you want to come down . . . and make your reservations soon! ;)


Corinne said...


The Argetina/Chile trip sounds awesome!! I have a good friend who lived in Buenos Aires for a year as an expat in 2006, so if you want some tips on what to see, I can ask her for you.

Rachel said...

I highly suggest spending more time in Buenos Aires and/or Argentina and less in Chile! Bariloche has good skiing and is a really gorgeous/hot spot in the winter, and Buenos Aires is way more interesting than Santiago.

I'm jealous! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

But 5 nights in "Santiago" includes wine-tours, skiing and cities nearby... It´s a fair share (5 for chile and 4 in buenos aires alone)

Justin said...

me = jealous ;)

Gloria said...

Eric you have to go to Bariloche Aluita love it, uncle Jorge said Argentina is beautifu he also said the Iowa beef over there is incrdible.
Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Just a Tip: There is direct flight to Buenos Aires or Santiago from BH! By Gol or TAM. : )