Thursday, May 8, 2008

Blog Games (and a Confession)

I haven't partaken in any of the blog games that go around, but I was tagged by Rachel, aka Rio Gringa, and figured I'd play along. I'm supposed to tell you three things about myself in each category. So, here goes,

Did you know...

I love: sunny days at the pool, Brasilian ice cream flavors, cooking from scratch

I fear: food-borne illnesses, dirty kitchens, and having food-borne illnesses show up in food I make and serve (You can ask Eric, I am a total freak about germs from raw meat, unwashed veggies, etc. in my kitchen. I thought I might die of anxiety when we moved here without a dishwasher to disinfect dishes . . . thank goodness for cleaning alcohol or else I really might be biting my nails down to the quick and unable to sleep at night.)

One day, I hope to: build a house in the country with my hunny, be an event planner, have twins (What?!? All my friends are doing it! hehehe)

I'm currently obsessed with: following the blogs of my friends, exploring Brasil, fresh tropical fruit

What may surprise you to know is that: I enjoy around-the-house chores, but I detest ironing, I can bounce between being a girlie-girl in pink stiletto-heel cowboy boots to a rough and tumble tomboy in a minute's notice, Eric usually eats cereal for breakfast - that he fixes for himself! I know, I had you all fooled, right? You totally bought into my good wife bit. Nope, I admit it, plenty of mornings he eats his cereal alone while I am still sound asleep in bed. ( I do manage to get up and kiss him goodbye at least though.) Yeah, the secret's out now. I should be ashamed, but, boy, it does feel good to be so honest. ;)

So now I am supposed to tag 5 other people to provide their 3 things in each of the five categories on their own blog, so, um . . . DRL, Kate, Beth, Amanda, and Laural you're it if you want to play. (But my feelings are totally not hurt if you don't! I really only played along so I could get my big breakfast confession off my chest. Thanks Rachel!)


wondering ego said...

Ah! This blog is turning into a "girls thing"... I'm bugging out...

you wish!

Emily said...

And I'm writing about malls and shopping next . . . ;)