Monday, May 26, 2008

After a nap I'll share the details

We arrived home from our trip at 7:00 this morning quite tired. Pretty much nothing worked out as planned for us . . . I mean almost everything that could have gone wrong did . . . and yet we had an absolutely fabulous time. The weather was exactly as pictured below the entire time. We didn't see a single cloud Thursday - Saturday. I can't wait to share our pictures and stories this week! But first I need a nap.

And a couple of random notes:

Eric came home Wednesday with a huge box of food that CNH gave to each of their employees: 5 kg (11 lbs) each of rice and sugar, along with beans, salt, oil, coffee, cookies, chocolate, and lots of other Brasilian staples. Apparently they give out these boxes twice per year to everyone. It's just one more really nice thing to add to the list of stuff that the company does for their employees here. I am really not sure the two of us can go through 22 pounds of rice in a year, but, still, a nice gesture.

While oohing and aahing over the adorable little kids on the beach last week, we thought about our two nieces (ages 2 and soon to be 4) back in Iowa and how they should be getting their little package we sent them with Brasilian bikinis and tank tops to prepare them for summertime. I had a free minute before teaching my English class this morning, and I checked my email real quick. Both Eric and I were excited to see we had an email from his sister to let us know the girls got their gift in the mail. And we were totally cracking up when she wrote that the oldest, Madison, kept saying all day, "Look Mom, they got me a bra swimming suit, do you like my bra swimming suit?" Since now his not-even-four-year-old-daughter is referring to an article of her own clothing as a bra, we fully expect some hate mail coming from our brother-in-law forbidding us from ever buying the girls clothes again. ;) And something tells me I definitely won't be allowed to take the girls swimsuit shopping after the age of 10, but seriously, how cute are these itty-bitty bikinis!?!

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Mamasphere said...

The bikinis are adorable! It's tradition to pick up a bikini for Gabi every time we go to Brasil. Though I haven't been brave enough to let her wear them in public here yet!