Monday, May 19, 2008

Time is flying by!

Our weekend seemed to absolutely fly by even faster than it usually does! I'm really not sure that days still consist of 24 hours because, seriously, time seems like it is passing a whole lot quicker these days! May 6th marked 6 months that we have been in Brasil (total, including the two months we spent here last year) and next Sunday will make 9 months that we have been married. It is so hard to believe so much time has already passed. I am quite certain I am going to wake up one morning, look in the mirror, and see a 75 year old woman staring back at me . . . time just feels like it is going that fast!

But our weekend, as short as it felt, was really nice. Saturday we had lunch with another American living in Belo Horizonte who found our blog and contacted us. She is married to a Brasilian guy from Rio, and she teaches at a university here in town. She is a sociology professor with an emphasis in criminology, so her knowledge and perspective of Brasil is really interesting! It was fun to hang out with another American, and I couldn't believe it when I looked down at my watch and realized we had been at the restaurant gabbing for over four hours! (See what I mean about time flying?) Afterwards we briefly met her husband and their cute little blonde 18 month old son.

Sunday we got up and made pancakes. Ever since Eric's mom sent down some Aunt Jemima syrup, Eric is loving waffles and pancakes, and I am able to enjoy them without Eric complaining about how terrible the melado de cana (cane syrup) is. He is still shocked that I eat the cane syrup even when the corn syrup with caramel color and artificial flavors is available to me (my apologies Aunt Jemima and all other folks who adore the artificial maple syrup along with my husband, but I'm just more of a cane syrup kinda gal! And luckily, that is what is readily available here in Brasil!)

After breakfast, we headed down to the big feira in town and purchased a couple paintings for the house. (I will show those off tomorrow and tell you why I am a super huge fan of the art around these parts.) After hanging our new artwork, we had softball practice and a great scrimmage in preparation for the tournament coming up the end of this month.

On the disappointing side of things, our upcoming trip this weekend might have a change of schedule. I mentioned last week how the main reason we want to go to Vitória right now is so that we can ride the train home since it is supposed to be a really beautiful trip though the mountains. Everyone has said that they usually just buy train tickets the day before or day of travel, but we wanted to get everything lined up ahead of time. So, we went to the train station here in town to purchase our tickets for this coming Sunday and were told that the train is sold out for Thursday and Sunday! Apparently, everyone else had the same idea we did for the long weekend! A friend told us yesterday that often tourism companies in Vitória will buy up a lot of the tickets and then sell them at an inflated price during holiday travel season, so today I am trying to find phone numbers to call and try to find tickets, but so far I am not having much luck! It is starting to look like we may end up bussing it back Sunday night instead of our scenic train ride back! :(

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Amanda said...

I feel your pain with "time flying by" Just wait until you have kids, then it flys by twice as fast!

Remember when we were kids and it seemed like it took FOREVER for your birthday to get here, or Labor Day so you could go to the lake or Christmas Vacation so you could go stay with your best friend who lived 100 hours away, when in reality it was only 2!

Now it's like "blink", 26 b-day's have gone by, out of "nowhere" you got 2 kids, and in a few months your 5th wedding anniversary is in your lap. Whew!