Thursday, May 15, 2008

More buses, trains, and beaches

I'm tired of staying home. After several weekends in Belo Horizonte, this girl is ready to hit the road again on our mission to discover more of Brasil! This time next week, we'll be doing just that!

Next Thursday is a holiday here (and, sadly, the last one we'll get until Christmas since the rest of the year's holidays fall on a Saturday or Sunday. Boo!), and so Eric is taking Friday off to bridge it into a four day weekend. Anyway, last night we finalized our plans, so I can share them with the world now.

Wednesday night we are going to hop an overnight bus to Vitória, Espírito Santo. We took a quick trip there back in November when silly us took a look at the map and decided it was the nearest beach. We will stay in Vila Velha again, but plan to do a lot of sight seeing around the area this time along with enjoying some time on the beach. The real reason for taking the trip right now though is for the train ride back home on Sunday. It is supposed to be a gorgeous 12 hour trip (7 am to 7 pm) though the mountains by train, and we wanted to see it while everything is lush and green. (Since we are entering the dry season now and won't have any significant rain again until October, things will be getting pretty brown and crunchy in a couple months.)

So soon enough I will be back to bringing you pictures of new places and travel stories and spare you the details about my life that are so very much less than exciting. And if you really prefer the travel stories, I will be happy to start bringing you a new location every week. Just mail the sponsorship check to The Send Eric and Emily on a Weekly Weekend Adventure Fund c/o Emily, Belo Horizonte, Brasil. We accept personal checks, cashier's checks, money orders, and cold hard cash. I would be especially happy to check out the beaches, resorts, and spas of Brasil for you . . . it's just the kind of selfless person that I am.

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Anonymous said...

You should take sometime to visit Salvador (Bahia)! We have great beaches! But come in the summer, you won't regret! ;)