Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Oh, Kids!

Yesterday's substitute teaching job was postponed until today since the fourth grade teacher's schedule changed on her. So anyway, I spent today with 12 fourth graders and had a blast. So, I know it is probably one of those "you had to be there" things, but some of the moments were so humorous to me I wanted to write them down before I forgot!

* I was on playground duty after lunch and watching a mixed group of kids from kindergarten through fourth grade. One of the kids came up to the other teacher on duty to tell her that one of the kindergarten boys had put his hands around another kid's throat in a choking-like manner. The teacher called the little rascal over and asked what happened. He looked up at her and matter-of-factly stated that, "He said that Galo didn't win . . . and I got mad . . . and so I did this," putting his hands around his own neck and sticking his tongue out and making a face as if choking. (Remember, Galo is one of the two professional soccer teams in town.) It took everything I had not to giggle - a lot. He said it as if surely she would understand why he needed to do this. Apparently the soccer rivalry starts at a very young age!

* Fourth grade girls are still just as mean as I remember. I'm not sure what the issue is, but apparently the girls in the class take turns being mad at this girl or that girl. Today one of my students came up to me crying and said she had a bad headache and wanted to call her mom to come get her. As I escorted her to the office, I learned that all the girls had been mean to her during lunch. I am pretty sure her feelings were hurt a lot more than her head, but I didn't call her out on it. I was reminded why most of my friends growing up were boys!

* During math today, I was trying to help the students understand negative numbers. I was told by about 10 of the students that I had graded their math test incorrectly and that -5 IS greater than than -3. After drawing a number line on the board, I tried to use the example of borrowing $3 dollars from someone or borrowing $5 from someone and how much further "in the hole" I was. I gave the first example, "There's something that I really want to buy, but I have $0 today. So I ask Sam if I can borrow $3 and pay him back tomorrow." Sam pipes up with, "Yeah, that's fine, but tomorrow you'll have to pay me $6." I looked at him and said "Well, I see you charge interest!" He replied, "Yep, just like how it works at the bank. I will give you $3, but it'll cost you!"

* After lunch all the kids were pretty restless. It was a struggle to keep everyone on task and paying attention during their science lesson today. One boy was really testing me, and I had already warned him several times. Finally, his chances were up, and I took away five minutes of his recess time for tomorrow. He looked at me and said, totally earnestly and nodding his head, "You know it just seemed so strange today when I had all of my recess. Tomorrow should be a much better day for me now." Well, I, for one, am so glad, since I am filling in for his teacher again tomorrow! I've got to work on my poker face though - I am pretty sure I laughed a couple times when I really shouldn't have today!

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Hi Emily!

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