Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cookie Anyone?

There's a tradition around Eric's office down here that anytime it's your birthday or some other occasion worthy of celebration, you bring in ice cream for everyone in the office. Well tomorrow is his birthday, but being the American and all, we (and by we, I mean he) thought he (he meaning I) should do something different.

We decided this would be a great opportunity to share some great American treats around the office (and again, by we, I mean he.)

So this afternoon we got to work on making treats for 40+ people (and by we, I mean I).

And so now we have 1 pan of cream cheese brownies, 56 chocolate chunk cookies, and 40 oatmeal raisin cookies.

And a whole bunch of dirty dishes.

And a cookie chef who is rather tired of hanging out in the hot, un-air-conditioned kitchen while she bakes 96 cookies 8 cookies at a time because she only has 1 cookie sheet down here (oh, okay, occasionally I got crazy and threw another 5 cookies in the toaster oven to bake at the same time.) And she really doesn't want to go back in there to wash dishes or cook supper... (do cookies make an acceptable supper for your husband? If he were 6 years old I'm sure he'd totally dig that...what about at 26?)

But seriously, I was excited to get to do some baking, and I was really happy for the first hour of the process while I was playing with the love of my life, also known as my Kitchen-Aid mixer. I absolutely love baking, but something about not having air conditioning and only having one cookie sheet to work with sort of annoyed me and took away from the thrill. If I'm going to dirty four mixing bowls, it really seems like I should have more than one cookie sheet - which is actually a pizza pan, not even a cookie sheet...why the heck didn't I pack cookie sheets when we moved down here? I think I need to lose the apron and go shopping, now. And then come home and clean up my dishes so I can forget about my hot, un-air-conditioned kitchen and so by tomorrow I will be excited again to get back in there and start making food for the birthday party we're having here on Saturday. And maybe while I'm out, I should pick up some more know, to go with my husband's supper.


Rachel said...

you are such a good wife. seriously. i don't think i'll ever be that kind!

Amanda said...

I love how you look oh so thrilled in the picture! I can understand how no air and 1 cookie (pizza pan) sheet could totally ruin a baking extravaganza!! I think milk and cookies is completly acceptable for supper!! Maybe I'll try that tomorrow night!!
p.s. how 'bout sending me some of those goodies up this way :)

Laural said...

Those cookies look delicious!

I would totally eat them for dinner.

Aline said...

These cookies look really good...not that I don't like cook but I hate clean the mess would be so nice to have these cookies in the grocery stores...In the Sacramento Bee this week there was an article about what is the best cook here in this area...the best cookie comes from Safeway and it cost just $4 a dozens and no mess in the kitchen :)