Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy Easter + Happy Birthday = Happy Eric & Emily!

Well, my parents may have found their way out of this one. I suppose if there was anything that could have made me just as happy as receiving a check to pay for my new Punto, it would have been just what we got this weekend.

The way that Emily and I demolished over half a bag of tortilla chips and half a jar of salsa, you would have thought that we haven’t eaten for days. Last night we made sure to pick up a loaf of bread (just to be able to make sure the peanut butter is still good), and right now I am waiting for the grocery store to open so I can go get some sausage to go with my pancakes that we will be having this morning! Oh yes, life is great, and it was before, but man I sure did miss these fine staples of American life. Now, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the food in Brasil and they also have fantastic chocolates, and I know I can easily survive on those, but the lack of tortilla chips, salsa, peanut butter, and syrup just really are a shame. So, now the planning begins for the next trip back to the states, and this only leaves one question lingering in our mind: How many bags of tortilla chips can we fit into one suitcase???


Gloria said...

Eric and Emily,
So fun to see your happy expression and know how much you enjoy the treats!!! It was fun for your dad and I to put the box together. That's the way I fell sometimes when I can't have my mole or pozole from Mexico.
Mom and Dad

Laural said...

Girl Scout cookies!!!

AcesHigh said...

Hello Eric... just want to warn you about bringing food from US. You might check out WHAT types of food you can or cannot bring from other countries into Brazil. Most countries have severe regulations about that you know.

So you might want to avoid disappointment of an agent of the Receita Federal throwing your food on the garbage.

I am 100% sure cheese is one of such foods. I bought an Amsterdam cheese for my dad and when arriving back in Brazil the agent decided to check my bags, and he promptly saw my cheese and threw it in the garbage citing national public health laws and such.

Rachel said...

ohmygod I'm so jealous. you have amazing parents. I just had two people bring me peanut butter, but tortilla chips would be amazing. easy mac too. so lucky!

Anonymous said...

Hello Emily and Eric! I found your blog by chance. It is really enjoyable to read it and see the other side of the coin. I am from Sao Paulo but have lived in Des Moines, Iowa for almost 10 years. A friend of mine who lives in Des Moines as well is originally from Belo Horizonte.


Emily said...

aceshigh, you make a good point. But seriously, after eating those tortilla chips, I'd dare say we'd be willing to risk it! ;) Oh man, they were yummy!!!

Anonymous said...

But we have Heshey's and Snickers here! heheheh. They took the space of more and more tortillas!