Friday, April 4, 2008

Burnin' Up the Highways

I am packing a suitcase again. I feel like all I do is pack, unpack and do laundry. But I am not really complaining. We are off to explore another beach this weekend. Friends of ours from Belo Horizonte are currently on vacation. They are down in Praia Grande in the state of São Paulo, and they invited us down for the weekend. We're way too polite to decline an invitation (or maybe it's just that we like the beach too much, but whatever), so we board a bus at 8:15 tonight and head South. We should be on the beach by 9:00 tomorrow morning.

Next week should be a busy one. I am being put on intensive class observation duty (attending classes everyday, because the following week they want me to start teaching.) I go visit the American School on Tuesday to meet with the director and some of the staff about volunteer opportunities. And Eric will be traveling for part of the week. I'll probably be able to squeeze in a post or two about our weekend and everything else though. ;)

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