Wednesday, April 2, 2008

If I Had a Dollar for Everytime THAT Happens!

Don't you just hate it when people can't quit staring at you because of your remarkable resemblance to famous Brasilian supermodels?

Why, just this last weekend I had this problem. While Eric and I were at the pousada up in Três Marias, there were two waitresses working the poolside area and also in the restaurant during meals. On Sunday as we were eating lunch, one of the waitresses asked us if we knew Gisele Bündchen. At first, we weren't sure who she was talking about (the Portuguese pronunciation of her name is a little different.) And then she repeated the name and said, "you know, the famous model." Oooooohhhh, Gisele...yes, I am familiar with her and the "Angel" status she held with Victoria's Secret. Blonde hair, tall, tan, thin, legs up to her neck, yes, I know her. "I think you look a lot like her," the overly kind waitress said to me.

Well, now, I suppose I understand how someone could get the two of us confused. I mean, she had seen me out by the pool earlier in my very Brasilian bikini after all. I wasn't hanging out in stiletto heels, but I suppose it was easy enough to imagine. Anyway, being the modest girl that I am and all, I thanked the sweet waitress and cast a hey-knock-it-off glance over to my husband who I think must have been choking on something.

Just as I was feeling extra not fluffy and thinking that yeah, limiting my ice cream consumption to no more than once per day is really paying off for me, the waitress added, "especially in the face."

Eric proceeded to laugh out loud at this point (dislodging whatever he was choking on, I presume.) Hmmm, alright, I guess I'll take what I can get.

Meanwhile, I don't feel quite as worried about the nice lady's vision anymore.


Rachel said...

hey i know i shouldn't share this but it was so tempting:,,MUL385539-5598,00-FILHOTE+DE+CASCAVEL+E+ENCONTRADO+EM+CARRO+EM+BELO+HORIZONTE.html

Elizabeth said...

I can honestly say that has never happened to me. ;)

Jeremy Sarber said...

That's pretty funny. Great delivery in telling the story.

Justin said...

Interesting. I've been told I look like Ryan Stiles before- you know, the tall, creepy guy from the Drew Carey Show?

DRL said...

Hi Emily!
Love it... You know, what should make this even more special is that I've been told that Brazilians do not give out "fake compliments" like so many North Americans do, so a Gizelle Gazelle you must truly be! :)

DRL said...

Oh and BTW - Justin - I feel your pain. I used to be told I look like Juliette Lewis (you know, the actress who almost always plays a crack whore in every movie) - I see absolutely no resemblance, but that's not the point. I was always like, "Why would you tell me that? I don't consider that to be a compliment..."