Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Anniversary . . .

Now can you please take me to the hospital?

That was pretty much how my day started off.

As of today I've been married to the love of my life for 1 whole year! It's crazy to believe how fast these last 12 months have flown by! But it's even crazier that I started my anniversary celebration in the ER. And then have so far spent the rest of the day trying to play nurse to my Hubby Dearest as he lies on the couch with a heating pad and his laptop. (I'm starting to think he is just testing out that "in sickness and in health" line from our vows.)

We took our trip down to the coast on Friday and spent the weekend in Búzios with Jared. Sometime yesterday, while playing paddle ball on the beach, Eric realized that his back wasn't feeling so great. By the time we got off the bus this morning, 9 hours after leaving Búzios last night, he could barely walk. We did some calling around, got the name of a good doctor, and called to try to get an appointment. After explaining to the receptionist over the phone that he had hurt his back and it was painful to sit or walk, the lady informed Eric that the doctor would be glad to see him, on September 4th. Eric laughed and told the woman he was lying on his back on the sofa and it hurt to move, next week wasn't going to cut it! And she informed him that he should go then to the hospital where they could see him without an appointment.

So, like a good wife, I drove him over to Life Center Hospital anticipating a nice long day in the ER. As it turns out, Brasilians use the hospitals for anything that needs attention sooner than within the next couple weeks. Running over to the doctor's office because you're sick today really isn't the norm, so the hospitals are set up to handle things such as a back that aches every time you move.

We were in, saw the doctor, got a prescription, filled the prescription, and were out of there in less than an hour! The doctor examined Eric and determined he had just pulled a lower back muscle (much as Hubby suspected) and ordered rest, some time with the heating pad, Advil, and, if that didn't bring enough relief, pop a Tylenol with Codeine. The combination has brought considerable comfort thus far, so hopefully he is well on his way to recovery now!

It's still uncertain how exactly he hurt his back . . . I have my theories though.

Watching him move today makes my back hurt, so I've pretty much banned him from leaving the couch. I'm not sure the previously planned anniversary evening is going to go off quite as anticipated, but we are at least going to eat wedding cake - just as soon as I get in the kitchen and get it decorated.

Whether he's confined to the couch or not though, I am more in love with my husband every day. It's been an amazing 12 months and everyday I am reminded of how blessed I am - I have an absolutely incredible husband and a life more wonderful than I could have ever planned. I can't say that the dreams I had as a little girl have all come true; instead, they have all been far exceeded! So, here's to another 80 years or so, just as marvelous as the last one.


Corinne said...

Happy anniversary!! Wow, in and out of the ER in less than an hour, I am never that lucky!! Hope Eric feels better soon. Hope Eric hurting his back was not the hightlight of the Buzios trip!!

Tony said...

I guess Eric is finding out what its like being an old married man! Those weekend warrior activities can be hazardous to your health. Anyway, Eric, get your back rested up. We don't need you slowing us old folks down when we get down there this weekend:) Hope you had a happy anniversary!


Gloria said...

Eric hope you are feeling much better it sounds just like the time we went to Puerto vallarta I'm gald Emily took you to the hospital, yes she has the most incredible husband, I"m glad to hear that.
You take care
Love always