Friday, September 3, 2010

I do love this busy life!

One night last week, Eric and I were winding down our evening and getting ready to turn in for the night while discussing all the things we need to do/finish before Bebe Dois arrives. Our list is sort of long. It's been a really busy summer and having a 1-year old doesn't really facilitate accomplishing anything with swiftness (unless we're talking about destroying a perfectly neat and orderly room.)

After a moment of silence as we each contemplated all that we want to accomplish pre-baby and how quickly my due date is approaching, Eric looked at me and asked, "Why do we do this to ourselves?" He went on to talk about how we tend to get a little ambitious sometimes and end up completely wearing ourselves out.

Another moment of silence passed and then it occurred to me: we each married someone a lot like ourselves! We both have this "can-do" attitude and nothing really intimidates us. We both are sort of Jack-of-all-trades (masters of none) and, regardless of whether or not we have any experience in something, we each think that we can figure it out and make it happen. We both enjoy staying busy and traveling and doing things with our own two hands and not paying other people to do something we can do ourselves . . . and neither one of us seem to know how to say "no".

As I explored this thought with Eric, I concluded that our "problem" is that neither one of us ever puts on the brakes. When one of us have an idea, the other one pretty much always says, "That sounds awesome, let's do it!" instead of sometimes saying, "Don't you think we have enough going on right now? Maybe it isn't so imperative that we pick a ton of apples from Grandpa's house and core, peel, and freeze apple slices and can homemade applesauce and put up a dozen jars of apple butter."

See, I think that instead of marrying someone so much like me, maybe I should have married a couch potato who moans every time I suggest a road trip or who tells me to call a contractor when I want to re-do everything in the house. Hmmm . . . yeah, okay, that probably wouldn't work.

I'll think I'll stick with the hubby I've got and enjoy our fun, busy life! :)

And on that note, we'll be leaving this afternoon to spend the 3-day weekend in downtown Chicago. Yep, we have a ton of stuff we should be working on at the house. Sure, I'm 37 1/2 weeks prego. And sure, at my appointment yesterday my midwife said I was about an inch dilated and my cervix is soft. But we scored free roundtrip airline tickets from Burlington to Chicago that have to be used before the end of the year. And my hubby has been working really hard and deserves a little mini-vacation (from his real job and all the ones I've given him at home!) AND we haven't been on a trip without a purpose/agenda since we went to St. Louis back in February!

As much as we both enjoy our projects and working hard and zipping all over for events, we also both enjoying getting to play tourist and spending some time relaxing together as a family. Yeah, I'm pretty sure we married the right person. ;)

(Plus, we make some really adorable babies, if I do say so myself! hehehe)


Ray Adkins said...

Dear Emily,

Your beautiful Mineirinha is prettier everyday!


Elena B. said...

Just wanted to say Hi, and I'm still reading even though you're all no longer in Brazil! Gabriela is adorable, and I can't wait to see bebe dois :) I'm Nannying for a family right now that has a 15 month old and a one month old (though the mom stays at home with the newborn), so I understand the business that comes with a one year old and getting ready for a new baby! You will be very busy but they are just so darn cute! Have fun in chicago!

Jelena said...

Hi Emily,
I've been reading your blog for awile and I just wanted to say that I like it!

Ciao from the Netherlands,

P.S. Do they alow you to fly so late in the pregnancy, I don't think they do here.

Emily said...

I LOVE the first picture! I also LOVE that you guys are always go-go-go like we are (or actually MORE than us which is awesome). Learning to say "no" is an art but it's something at some point you should learn...chill time is important! I'm working on that myself :) I can't wait to hear this birth story that will take place on the plane haha!