Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Settling in as a Family of 4

Gabriela's second visit (Sunday) to the hospital to see her new sister

We were discharged from the hospital on Monday right after lunch and are enjoying some time all together at home now. Eric is taking the week off to help with the transition and provide a second set of eyes and hands to make sure Gabriela doesn't poke out her little sister's eyeballs. When he's not preparing meals/cooking/cleaning, taking care of Gabriela, and helping out with Lilian, Eric is taking advantage of the opportunity to work on a few little projects around the house. And Gabriela is thrilled to get to be his little helper! With the toddler distracted and taken care of, I am getting in some serious cuddle time with Lilian and totally loving it.

Ready to leave the hospital!
Gabriela is enjoying having the baby around (at least for now with both of us home where she is getting lots of one on one time with Papai). Anytime she enters the room with Lilian or passes by her, she insists on running over and giving her kisses. Lots and lots of kisses! She is getting a little more gentle with her too. And she is completely intrigued by the whole breastfeeding thing. She just stands beside the chair and watches my every move as I get ready and nurse Lilian. I suspect it won't be long before her dolls are being fed too.

Just after arriving home on Monday
After a pretty chill Monday afternoon, we have been a little more active today. We even went on our first 'Family of Four' walk a little bit ago. The weather is supposed to be fantastic all week, and it felt so good to be outside! I'm looking forward to lots more walks together before winter gets here and we're confined to walking the mall.

Heading out for a little family walk

Gabriela, who we obviously needed to pull the sunshade over, enjoyed having the "nene!" next to her for the ride!


Katiebell said...

Great pictures of your "family of four!" I think Miss Lilian already looks a lot like her big sister! : ) Hope y'all are getting settled...

Amanda said...

Sweet, sweet pictures of the 4 of you! So glad you are home now! p.s. welcome to my world, haha hehe!!!

Rogério Penna said...

Contragulations. Is it just me or it seems everybody is only having baby girls lately? Gee, we men are soon to be extinct!

I have not followed your blog for some time, so I dont even know if you are in the US or back in Brazil (in a quick peek at other posts, it seems Gabriela has been watching brazilian tv???)

Anyway, Google Street View has been released for Brazil finally. So far, metro areas of São Paulo, Rio and Belo Horizonte were included. That means you can show to friends in the US the area where you guys lived in BH, where you went, etc, etc.

Fabibi said...

Queremos mais posts!Queremos mais posts!!!:))))