Wednesday, August 25, 2010

3 Years of Bliss!

This time three years ago, I was sipping a mimosa and getting my hair and make-up done.

Eric is always sure to interject that he was not having a relaxing day of being pampered. Nope, since his hair takes all of 35 seconds to "do", he had a little chore list for the morning of our wedding. Things like delivering the drinks to the reception location and putting together the chocolate fountain.

Does the chocolate fountain look funny to you? Yeah, I thought so. I didn't notice it until I was looking at pictures a week later, but someone put my chocolate fountain together upside down. Instead of a beautiful flowing fountain of white chocolate, I had pools of chocolate that kept getting gloppy (since it wasn't flowing down to the heating plate to stay warm.) And it wouldn't be so bad, except that he took it apart himself (after I had properly assembled it at home) to transport it. I have threatened to talk to Iowa State about revoking his engineering degree. But Eric maintains that it is a flaw in the design; the user should not be able to put it together upside down. (He also likes to point out that water fountains have tiered bowls that the water fills and then flows over.)

Lucky for my hubby, he had already redeemed himself a day earlier when he and Jimmy, one the groomsmen, drew chocolate bowties and buttons on 150+ chocolate dipped strawberries. They did a fantastic job on those! (Those two may have missed their calling. If careers in engineering don't work out for them, they could always go to culinary school! I'd write a raving letter of recommendation for either of them!)

But non-properly-assembled chocolate fountains aside, that day was incredible! It was a gorgeous day (although Georgia in August is a smidgen warm), we were surrounded by awesome family and friends, and I became the wife of the most incredible man!

I had the fairytale wedding to Prince Charming, and now I am living the perfect happily ever after. I've been supremely blessed and am so thankful for such a wonderful husband.

Three years down and 67 to go on our goal of reaching our 70th anniversary together! (And he wonders why I make him eat healthy and give him a hard time when he reaches for the salt shaker...gotta keep in him good shape to make it to 95 years old!)


Amanda said...

Happy Anniversary, you guys!! So glad Jon and I (and the twins!) were able to be a part of your special day :)

I am wondering though how it is possible that I managed to be so well hidden in the group wedding picture. Considering how huge I was, haha!!

Nani said...

Did you guys get married on the 25th of August exactly?? My husband and I did too. We just celebrated our 4th year though. It seems like it's been 20 already, and it's only getting better.
Happy Anniversary to you guys too!

Jenna Davis said...

happy belated anniversary! hope the final days of your pregnancy treat you well! we need to plan a weekend to catch up sometime this fall!

Emily said...

this made me laugh!!! that chocolate fountain is hilarious!!! but he did do an awesome job on those strawberries!

Maxine said...


Corinne Davis Rodrigues directed some folks from our Minas International organization to your blog to find information on what to bring to Brazil. We have some questions from folks moving to BH in the near future. I searched but couldn't find it. Can you point me in the right direction or send me a link (if a single on exists).

Thanks very much.