Saturday, September 25, 2010

Welcome Lilian Scarlett!

I woke up to strong, frequent contractions at 7:15 this morning. After laboring at home in the jacuzzi tub, we made the 5 minute drive to the hospital and arrived in our hospital room at 11:30 am. Lilian Scarlett was born at 12:04. (And almost was baptized too - I nearly had her on the toilet, but that story will have to wait for now.)

Her stats:
Weight: 7 pounds 3 ounces (3.27 kg)
Length: 19.3 inches (48.8 cm)
Head Circumference: 13.2 inches (33.5 cm)

Lilian looks a lot like Gabriela did as a newborn (only with a little less hair) and is almost identical in size. We've been experiencing some serious deja vu staring at our new daughter today!

She stayed on my chest after delivery and nursed before being taken across the room to be weighed, etc. That's when the pouty bottom lip poked out.

Then she got really mad!

But quickly calmed down and we've only heard her cry twice since then!

Eric picked up Gabriela from our friends who are keeping her so that she could meet her little sister. She was less than impressed initially and just wanted to run around exploring the hospital room. But before leaving at bedtime, she got interested in Lilian and wanted to touch her and give her kisses. She kept pointing to her baby sister and repeating "nene, nene" (Portuguese for baby) with a big smile. It was really sweet!

Lilian got her first bath about 9:30 this evening and has been fast asleep ever since.

Everyone is healthy and feeling great. We appreciate all of the sweet notes and calls we've received over the last few days and all of the thoughts and prayers that have gone out for us and the latest little blessing to our family.


Claudia said...

Congratulations! She is beautiful! I think it's so sweet that Gabriela still speaks Portuguese.

Mrs. Carioca said...

Congratulations! I love the name Lilian.

Fabiana said...

Oba!!!!The post everybody was waiting for!!haha
Lilian é liiiiiinda!! Parabéns!!!!

Ray Adkins said...

Dear Eric and Emily,

Congratulations on your beautiful little girl, Lilian is a great name by the way.


Elena B. said...

Congratulations!!! And Lilian is such a beautiful name (especially in portuguese) for a beautiful little baby. Just wait, Gabriela is going to be totally into babies. The family i work for has a 10 weekold and a 16 month old, and the 16 month old now uses her dolls and feeds them and burps them, and everytime she sees her little brother she says 'baby!'. You'll have your hands full but they'll be so much fun too! And I must say, I'm impressed that you posted this entry so soon! Talk about dedication!

Jenna Davis said...

CONGRATULATIONS! She is beautiful! Jimmy got Eric's text this weekend and we were so happy for you! Glad to hear everyone is doing well!

Bruno said...


Toda a felicidade com a nova filhota.

Jane said...

Gorgeous!!! Congratulations to you all! God bless!

camila said...

Congratulations!! Muitas felicidades pra vocês!

Amy said...

Congratulations! Very excited for the three of you. Derek and I still have 8 weeks left...but I am already counting down the days.