Monday, January 4, 2010

Officially Frozen. Completely.

Dear Mother Nature,

You see, I was very determined to have a positive attitude when we made the move from Brasil to Iowa. I might have moaned and whined a little before arriving, but I honestly planned to make the most of the frozen tundra that is my husband's home state.

However, after driving 13 hours through the night (so that Gabriela could sleep the whole ride) and being greeted by this:

(That's -24 degrees C for my buddies in Brasil!)

I must admit that I contemplated slipping Eric a Ruffie, turning the car around, and trying to drive all the way to Brasil before he came to. And then I realized that I wouldn't have the foggiest idea where to buy illegal drugs. And I was going to have to live here. And actually get out of the car.

As I exited our vehicle and made the 20-second dash from the car to the hotel where we are staying for now, I am fairly certain I suffered frostbite on every portion of exposed skin.

And poor little Gabriela, she is not too sure about any of this. Especially the 18 layers of clothes she must wear when we venture between the hotel, the car, and the various places we've been having to go the last two days. Kiddo is totally not digging the inability to turn her head or move her limbs. And the hat hair, oh the hat hair!!!

So basically, as I face the coldest weather of the season in my first days back, I guess it all just boils down to this:

I don't like you, Mother Nature. And I really don't appreciate your sick little sense of humor.

Emily (the human-shaped icicle wearing a scowl)


Nani said...

Awwww!! She looks so cute!! That's funny how you hate winter. I lived in Brazil for 21 years before I came to the USA. First State I lived was Massachusetts, and although I had never seen snow and been that cold before I LOVED IT. After 2 years in MA I moved to AZ... BIG difference. I am starting to enjoy the hot weather more, but I would do anything to live in a cold and white place!!!!

Are you guys jus visiting or you moved back?

Katiebell said...

Wow, Emily! -11!! Here's a "warm" welcome back to the States from GA! It's actually 27 here now so I'm not so sure about the "warm" welcome! Hope to get to see y'all soon.

Beth O. said...

Welcome back! I was admitted to the hospital and it was around 30 degress at 6am... two days later at discharge it was -4 at 4pm... nothing like having to bring a newborn through a parking deck at -4!

Jane said...

Hey Emily,

I'm you blog-fan from the airport! The world really is not very big, is it? As you can see I have my hands pretty occupied with my little ones but when I find a moment I'll shoot you an e-mail and tell you about my life and if you want to follow my life in Brasil I'll send you a link to my blog. Your blog is great, you have a beautiful family, and a great writer's "voice". I would have loved to chat with you in the airport...but I was definitely in survivor mode! (Fine line between super mom and crazy mom).

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