Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Christmas Photo Challenge

It's nothing new. Families around the world have been trying to take group pictures of children for as long as cameras have been around. Despite all the technology we have today, I don't think the task has gotten any simpler!

We were in Florida at the home of Eric's sister, Tanya, and her husband and three kids. It was Christmas Eve. We had just gotten home from church services that evening. It was after 7:00 pm and the kids hadn't been fed. And did I mention it was Christmas Eve? As in, the night that Santa Claus and his little reindeer make their rounds across the world bringing toys and excitement to all the good girls and boys.

The adults/parents in the family decided that, since everyone was dressed up, we should take some group pictures of all four kiddos in front of the tree. Remember: almost bedtime, way past suppertime, and the excitement of Christmas Eve. Now, please tell me why we thought a good photo was possible. Reason number 243 children grow up thinking their parents are idiots. (Featured below are Hannah (14 months), Kaylee (3 years), Madison (5 years), and Gabriela (8 months).)

"Oh, Hannah, Honey, you need to sit by the tree with your sisters."
"Kaylee, stop pulling your sister's foot and look at the camera, please."

"Okay, thanks for looking at the camera, but can you back up a little Hannah?"
"And Kaylee, where's that pretty smile?"

"Gabriela, you can't eat the wrapping paper, Sweetie."
"Hannah, I know you're hungry, but we need you to sit down please for just another second."

"Good job holding your sister, Kaylee, but do you think you can smile for us?"
"Gabriela, we don't need you looking reptilian. Tongue back in your mouth, please."
"Hannah, what are you eating?"

"Gabs, hands down, please. Yes, I know you're hungry."
"Hannah, really, Babe, we need you to stay put one more second."

"Oh, wow, we're digressing."
"Nena and Papa, how about y'all jump in there with them. That will make things easier."

"Nena, look up here at the camera, please."
"Papa, think you can sit Hannah up straight for us?"

"Here, a pacifier should help hungry Hannah stay with us for a minute more."
"Papa, we need you to look at the camera now, please."

"Oh, and hold on to the baby too."

(Insert hungry/tired cries from Hannah and Gabriela now.)
"Okay, I think we're done."
"Out of all those we should have at least one good shot."
(Well, you'd think so anyway!)

I think next year we'll just take a picture of Madison. At least she's cooperative!


Vivi DiLopes Adams said...

Love it!

Nani said...

Hahahha, you know, in the end, these are the pictures we like to see whn we grow up, the fun out of the blue ones!! She is getting everyday more beautiful!!!

Rogério Penna said...

Madison is a hero. She was able to look into the camera and smile through ALL the photos but one.

if sometimes its difficult to have one small kid to properly pose to a photo, I can only imagine it with 4.

Alexandre Macedo - RJ said...

Hahahahaha!... Isso tudo é muiiiiito legal!. Essa energia das crianças é algo maravilhoso. É enriquecedor sentir essa disposição para a vida, sem preocupações com formalidades, livres, absolutamente livres.
Que Deus abençoe muito a todos. Abraços, de um amigo brasileiro que sempre acompanha seu blog.

Dawn said...

Did you see the theme...Hannah I know your hungry. The questions is when isn't she hungry?