Thursday, December 10, 2009

Shattered Hopes and Dreams

I see that the current temperature in Burlington, Iowa is 14 degrees F (-10 C), but with the wind chill it feels like 0 (-17 C). Yesterday I was informed the windchill was -20F (-28C).

When I first moved to Iowa in 2006 to be closer to my darling boyfriend who is now my sweet hubby, I had dreams. Global warming was all the rage. I thought that maybe there was a possibility that one day Iowa might actually warm up enough to be considered a place fit for human habitation.

Now I hear of these ridiculously cold temperatures, people are sending me pictures from the blizzard, AND I read news reports of scientist fudging data to hide a global cooling trend.

Oh dear. Do I really have to leave Brasil? I want to talk to Al Gore please. I was really hoping Iowa would be a tropical paradise by now. You're disappointing me Al.

Meanwhile, Gabriela and I will be spending some time each day sitting in the freezer compartment of our refrigerator in an effort to prepare ourselves for winter in Iowa.

Oh wait . . . my freezer isn't even as cold as Iowa is right now. Fabulous.


Germano said...

Hi Emily,
It would be nice if you continue to blog when you return, the counter-cultural shock, and things like that?
We Brazilians would love to know....

Bruno said...

Yep! And I bet Emily still has a looot of pictures and stories from the trips made in the last weeks, not yet posted! We want to know it all! :-)

Ei, Emily, você aclimatou bem ao clima de Belo Horizonte, hein!

Dawn Voelker said...

Yeah we are heading there for Christmas and I am freaking out. Don't even have a winter coat! How did this happen to us southern girls!

DucGirl said...

Having been to both Brazil and Iowa, I think your freezer may be more scenic!

I have really enjoyed reading your blog the past couple years, I hope you continue writing after the move.

Amanda said...

There is plenty of agricultural work in GEORGIA!!!
FYI-It was 75 degrees here Wednesday and is 54 degrees here today......

Rogério Penna said...

You cant deduce global temperature trends based on local temperatures or one year temperatures.

As for the scientists hiding global cooling trends, thats absolutely not true. Totally taken out of context and you can only see how it was taken out of context by checking scientifc videos or websites discussing it.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Penna,
Emily is obviously joking. Given that average temperatures have only increased by 0.7 degrees since 1890, it would be irrational to expect an appreciable temperature change in a short amount of time.

I too, though, am quite skeptical of any long term cooling trends. However, I am skeptical of any claims from the climate change community. Given that research funding is awarded by a grant system, it is advantageous for grant seekers to produce alarming data to ensure the future allocation of climate research funding.


Anonymous said...

Rogerio, Nathan,

You guys probably live in Minas Gerais and Florida...
I live in Rhode Island and trust me, there is no talk of Global Warming around here despite the fact that we are ALL blue in the face LIBERALS!!!!!


Rogério Penna said...

Mr Anonymous #1: the money grant from research pales in comparassion to money that the big industries that benefit from spewing CO2 can give to the same researchers, for them to produce the contrary results.

Mr Anonymous #2: I live in Rio Grande do Sul. Southern Brazil. In a city just neighbor to mine, there is a leading climate change skeptic (google search for his name, Eugenio Hackbart, will produce lots of international results). He cites some specially close winter and snow here at Rio Grande do Sul in the last years. Thats the main mistake of most skeptics of climate change. You must measure the WORLD AVERAGE... oceans are warmer than ever and they are the main source of temperature on the planet, since water does keep temperature better, unlike land.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rogerio,
The point is, Emily's comments were made tongue in cheek... She was joking. Please take it as such. There are plenty of other places on the web where heated discourse about climate change is welcomed.

This site would allow you to debate such topics to your hearts content:


RamboFamily said...

Well, Emily, you can always hibernate :) That is what I am planning on doing. I've been stocking up my nest all fall and don't intend to leave much :) See you soon!

Emily said...

Oh my, y'all do make me laugh. :)

The blog won't be disappearing any time soon. Even after we move to Iowa, I have family and friends scattered around that keep up with us here. (And I need the entertainment you provide me through your comments, too!)

We are crazy preparing for the movers at the moment, but after Tuesday I hope to do a little catching up around here in my little corner of the blog-world.


Anonymous said...

Dang, it's hot in here.
-Al Gore

brasil021943 said...

BH in december = 30º
Iowa in december = -20º

The diference is just 50º... easy! rss

Good Luck!

Kate said...

Emily have you made it to Iowa yet? I'm curious to hear your stories and how the holidays went