Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Well, that's one way to end vacation

Yesterday was Eric's final day of vacation. We took Justin to the airport at 3:00 am, got back home around 5:00, and then crawled in bed until 11:30. (Love it when Gabriela sleeps in too!!!)
After that we were up and running errands for most of the afternoon. We fed Gabs her supper at 7:00 pm, then went for a family walk, rented a movie, bought a frozen pizza, and decided to put the baby to bed and spend the rest of the night bumming on the couch.

It was going to be the perfect relaxing night to end an awesome, but very busy, vacation. And then we were reminded that when you have a child, things don't always go as planned.

We were just about 30 minutes into our movie when I heard a couple little cries come from Gabriela's room. Eric and I looked at each other and noted how strange it was for her to be awake, much less crying, after 10 pm. She always goes to bed so easily and sleeps so well.

I hopped up and went to check on her. Then I hollered across the house for Eric to come too. I was going to need reinforcement.

Gabs was swimming in a sea of vomit. No, not baby spit-up. Vomit. It smelled like vomit. It was chunky like vomit. Some of it had apparently come out though her nose. She had spun herself around to get her face out of it. So now vomit was caked onto the belly of her onsie and she was kicking her feet in it, splashing it around. Awesome.

She was smiling though, so I took it she was feeling better at least. Eric went and filled her tub with water, deciding that a bath was going to be the only way to deal with the mess.

Meanwhile, I stripped the baby, mopped up as much of the vomit as I could with a clean cloth diaper and then threw the onsie, sheet, and mattress pad into the washing machine.

By the time Eric got Gabs out of the bath, she was starting to cry and you could tell she wasn't feeling well. She was so pitiful! Eric was cuddling with her and trying to get her to drink a little water while I put clean sheets in her crib. And then Gabriela proceeded to puke again. And again. And again. Completely covering Eric and the floor in her room.

And oh my, no doubt about it. Vomit. Stinky, smelly vomit. It covered Eric's arms, shirt, shorts, and even soaked through to his underwear. And then there was the floor. Vomit everywhere.

How does so much come out of such a little person?!?

And poor little Gabs just whimpered and sort of went limp. She was exhausted.

Part of me wanted her to drink something so she wouldn't get dehydrated, but I really didn't want her make her throw up anymore. So we just spent the next hour cuddling with her and trying to keep her comfortable.

After it appeared she was done hurling, we put her to bed in the pack-n-play in our bedroom so I could hear her if she got sick again and could check on her throughout the night. She slept peacefully until she woke up hungry at 5:30 this morning.

This afternoon she seems to be all better, although sleepy. I am a little weary of giving her solids today, so I am just nursing her extra. So far she has kept everything down and is happy and playing when she's awake.

There are a lot of variables from yesterday, so we're not sure why she got sick. She has a stuffy nose and some drainage going on. She got 2 vaccines yesterday. She was extra hungry and ate a good bit more than normal last night at supper. Maybe she picked up a little stomach bug. Who knows?

But Eric has now been shot with poop and covered in puke. She really seems to save her best for him! Daddyhood isn't for the weak.

Meanwhile, maybe this made Eric's return to the office after two weeks off a little more appealing! Things like this rarely happen there.


Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness! So glad she is feeling better! Poor little thing, vomiting is awful!! Haha and poor Eric, he gets it from both ends! Hope you all have a good week!

Renato said...

That has got to be scary when it is actually happening...
I am glad she is doing better.


Nadja Saori said...

Wow!!! That was a mess... but she didnt seem like she was going to cry or complain... she seems to enjoy all her adventures!!! I imagine you two got scared though!!! Hard to mantain yourself straigh not to scare the baby too!!!
She is extremally pretty :D:D:D

Emily said...

Thanks for the comments, calls, and emails. Gabs has been totally fine after her one night of puking. Don't know what caused it, but we're glad it passed quickly!!!