Friday, November 6, 2009

The Reverse Function

Although Gabriela cannot move forward in a prone position, her reverse works just fine. I've watched her push herself back more than 10 feet in a matter of seconds (while she was excitedly trying to get to a toy in front of her, bless her heart!)

And she doesn't just limit the reverse function to her floor time - she also likes to use it while in her crib. She has been sleeping swaddle-free most nights for the last two weeks. And now I frequently hear her either laughing like a lunatic or crying in frustration and walk into her room to find scenes like these.

Her bedding set only came with bumper pads for three sides. I am thinking about moving the one from the head of her bed to the other end. Although the second I do that, I'm certain she'll start crawling forward and bonking her head on the rails then! (And to be honest, I do enjoy the good giggle when I walk in and find two little legs kicking like crazy out the end of her crib!)


Ray Adkins said...

This is soo funny!

Amanda said...

Oh my word, that is so funny. I am so glad you caught it on film! Hearing your child laugh on their own is one of the most rewarding things about parenthood. Enjoy!!!

Bob said...

That is hilarious and so cute! She is adorable!

Katiebell said...

I am cracking up!!! : ) So glad you shared pics!