Thursday, November 12, 2009

Turn This Baby Loose! Mama's Got Floors to Clean!

The inability to perform some functions (such as putting together a lasagna with steaming hot ingredients) while simutaneously holding/feeding/entertaining an infant is the driving force behind developmental milestone achievement. At least at our house it is.

Last night I was trying to fix supper. Gabriela decided 1. she would rather yell than play by herself (thank you emerging seperation anxiety) and then 2. she could not wait another minute to be fed. Meanwhile I had lasagna noodles that were going to get soggy if I didn't get my lasagna made.

And that's when Mommy decided it was time to try finger foods.

Given that these days absolutely everything, big and small, gets picked up by those dimpled little hands and immediately goes into her mouth, I figured Gabs could manage to feed herself bits of banana (in the kitchen with me so I could supervise, of course!)

She took a slightly untraditional route about it though. It cracked me up, so I had to stop, get the camera, and record it. I ended up with soggy noodles anyway . . . but it was worth it! :)

Pictures from our incredible vacation will be coming soon!


Marcio Pareto said...

I loooove when you speak in portuguese to her : )

Renato said...


Gabriela is so adorable and I also noticed how great your Portuguese sounds!
You pronounce the "N A O" perfectly, you sound just like a Brazilian.