Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cheap Flight to BH!

For anyone interested, Eric and I discovered a great deal on flights to Belo Horizonte (and also Rio de Janeiro).

Copa Airlines ( has some great prices right now - although we have no idea how long they'll last!

Roundtrip between Orlando and Belo Horizonte (with a quick layover in Panama City, Panama): US$660 including taxes and fees! (On American Airlines from Miami to BH, you're looking at more like $1,200!)

Using Travelocity, we found flights on select days of the week between Chicago and Belo Horizonte (with layovers in Houston and Panama) for US$742.

We found similar deals to Rio too.

These prices are well below anything we've ever seen. So if you were wanting to make a trip to Brasil, now might be the time to get something booked!


Stephanie said...

I cashed in on the American Airlines sale a couple of weeks ago and got my ticket for $711! Of course I have a STUPID flight, but that is okay.. I leave from Richmond to Dallas, Dallas to Miami, Miami to BH. But thats okay because it was cheap :) Im just excited to be coming!!

Dawn Voelker said...

We should do it!!!

Emily said...


Come on down, we'd take y'all in a heart beat!

And btw, Miami just went on sale for even cheaper than Orlando: $565 roundtrip between Miami and Belo Horizonte!

Jill said...

Is this a reminder for grandmas, etc... to be making their plans to meet a little someone soon?! :-)