Monday, March 30, 2009

38 Weeks

The turkey's done baking - I'd appreciate her coming out of the oven anytime now.

Most baby's are born between 38 and 42 weeks (with the "due date" being 40 weeks). We're hoping for sooner rather than later around here these days. While I've had an extremely easy, totally healthy, couldn't-ask-for-any-better pregnancy, I'm definitely hitting the "I'm tired of being pregnant" phase.

I would like to be able to walk up a slight incline without sounding like I just ran a marathon. I would like to be able to tie my shoes and breath at the same time. I would like to be able to roll over in bed without having to count to three, take a deep breath, and sling my belly over. I would like to be able to stand at my gas stove without the fear of catching my shirt on fire as I reach for the pot on the back burner. I would like to be able to have sushi with a glass of wine.

And I'm also sort of interested in meeting this little being who has spent the last 9 months using my internal organs as her punching bag.

Eric and I spent most of this weekend finishing up a few final preparations for Z Baby. We made a stock-up trip to the supermarket, installed the car seat base in the backseat of the Punto, finished packing the hospital bags, and completed the loading up of the freezer with some good home-cooking. That last part was the best as we now have a freezer full of bagels (whole wheat and honey oat), Belgium waffles, whole wheat flour tortillas, chili, vegetable chicken soup, lasagna, and lean ground pork sausage (spicy sage sausage and chorizo). And in addition to all the homemade goodies, we bought a bunch of frozen fruit pulp since I can't seem get enough of my fruit smoothies these days.

We pretty much have no space left in our freezer for anything else now, but that also means I can't have any ice cream around the house . . . and to be completely honest, it's really probably safer that way.

I started having light contractions last week and this weekend they started coming more frequently and getting stronger. It excites me that Z Baby is finally going to be making her big entrance into the world - but I'm also trying to remind myself that it could be another 4 weeks.

Patience: really not my thing these days. But I'm trying.


lovelydharma said...

Now wait? Are you really in the same jeans for the whole series of photos? Now that's impressive! You remind me of my ballerina who sent me a picture of her in a bikini and pointe shoes two weeks before her delivery. She was just long legs and belly.
Interesting to see how she's moved around from your 35 week picture to your 38. You actually look a little less pregnant!
Bagels did you say?????
Did you make them yourself? Or find them in BH? Cause if you found them, I'm on the next bus to that grocery store!
Hope those contractions keep on and you get to meet your baby girl really soon!

Emily said...


Bagels in a store - oh, I can only wish!!! They actually are tons easier to make than I ever imagined though! I started with this recipe and then have tweaked it with whole wheat flour, oats, honey, etc. to make different flavors (cinnamon raisin is my next experiment).

(A slight change in directions though: it's easier if you just form a ball of dough and then punch a hole through the middle with your finger and form it into bagel shape.)

Anyway, yes, she is constantly changing positions and makes my belly change shapes all the time. Somedays it's low and pointy, sometimes almost completely flat and plateau like . . . the kid never stays still for more than like a minute!!!

An American Girl said...

Yup, there's those jeans again! ;) You look awesome, but I've had to stop showing my husband your progress pictures purely for self-preservation reasons! :) So excited for you guys and hoping it's on this side of 40 that Z Baby decides to make her grand debut! Can't wait to see pictures!

Beth O. said...

I also cannot believe you are still in those jeans! I just had a coworker give birth and if you looked at her from the back you never knw she was pregnant - all belly. I'm excited for you! You'll have to tell us all about the experience and the hypnobirthing for those of us who might be next!

Stephanie said...

Seriously, changing shapes or have one of the most perfect baby bellys I have ever seen :) I could only wish to look half as good...which knowing my genetics and my body, will NEVER happen! haha

I cant believe Z baby is almost here!! Seriously time really passes by SO fast!! I will be keeping you all in my thoughts! Good luck with everything (did you end up finding a doctor to meet everything you guys wanted?? did i forget/miss that?)

Can't wait to "meet" Z baby!!