Friday, March 6, 2009

35 Weeks

Have you ever seen a turtle that's been flipped over onto it's back? You know how it's pretty much a sure bet it's not going to be able to get back on it's feet without some assistance?

Dear Lord, please don't let me fall onto my back!

The last seven weeks I've gone from not hardly even noticeably prego to HELLO BABY!

The good news? My belly button is still an inie. And nary a stretch mark thank-you-very-much-deep-moisturizing-lotions! (and good genetics?) And hey, look . . . I can still button my pre-prego jeans. And that last one makes for very happy Brasilian doctors. (We met our pediatrician earlier this week and she excitedly commented that I wasn't all fat all over - all my weight was in my belly. And that is like the ultimate compliment from a doctor down here. hehehehe)


Amanda said...

Yikes! Z baby finally decided to "shove it on out" there! It's about time and you look so cute, well as cute as one can from the belly down!! Oh how I hate to be the bearer of bad news but.......stretch marks tend to show up AFTER the baby is out and you think you're in the clear. The loitions may help reduce the apperance of those nasty things but they do not halt them altogether. Sorry. I should have let you find that out on your own but I love you so much I didn't want you to be devestated like I was. But who knows miss pregnant princess maybe you'll be lucky!!

Emily said...

My Dear Amanda,

I used to like you.


Amanda said...

Hey, you always said I was the sister you never had, right?! Just being sisterly!!! (little did I know I already got you back for the "cat food" comment. or was the cat food your way of getting back at me for letting "the cat out of the bag" about stretch marks?!)

Mrs. S said...

I was going to say I am SO impressed that you are still wearing the exact same outfit!! And I can't believe you have only about a month to go!! Time really does fly! Well you look great and I am so glad you have had such a good pregnancy!!

Corinne said...

you look FABULOUS!! I did not get stretch marks (except for my boobs) and my belly button remained and innie, so you never know!!

DRL said...

Nice work on staying in the jeans! You look great :)