Thursday, December 4, 2008

Oh dear, please let this pass quickly!

Eric and I were just talking last week about how healthy we've both been since moving down here. Although we've both had a couple colds in the last year, we haven't had anything more serious than that. I attribute it to a lack of seasonal weather change - back home I always seemed to get sick when the weather turned cold and again when it started warming back up! But we apparently made the mistake of not knocking on wood as we made our good-health observation.

Eric came home yesterday and mentioned that his stomach hadn't felt so good all day. And my tummy had been a bit rumbly too. We figured we must have eaten something that wasn't agreeing with us very well. But then some sort of serious crud took hold of Eric last night and had him pretty much camped out in the bathroom the whole night. I swear I woke up every 30 minutes from about 3:00 am on to him jumping out of bed. I have spent the latter part of our morning trying to pump him full of gatorade and a little bit of leftover mashed potatoes and noodles. I decided to pull out the Cipro that our doctor sent down with us last year and get him started on that too. (And just last week we were talking about how we hadn't had any stomach issues down here and how our bottle of Cipro had gone unopened!)

He has gone over an hour without a bathroom visit, which I think is the longest he's gone since this whole episode started last night, so hopefully he is on the mend now. My diagnosis: I think he's going to make it - I'm just hoping he doesn't pass along whatever this is to me!

And meanwhile, I learned that I am not quite conditioned for having my sleep interrupted all night. I was so dead this morning that I stayed curled up in bed with my sickly husband until after 10:30! He says last night was good practice for me. I contend that I have a few more months before I am supposed to be kept awake all night!


Ray Adkins said...


What works really well for us in situations like that: 3 cubes of ice, 1 cup of plain yogurt, 1/2 cup of hot water, dissolve a box of your favorite JELLO flavor in the hot water, mix it with the yogurt and ice in the blender and you will give him a miracle drink that tastes great and will balance any upset stomach!

AcesHigh said...

quite interesting Ray. I will also try that.

Emily said...

I've never heard of that one before! I'll put it in the archives for the future though! :)

Luckily, by last night Eric was feeling better and was gaining some strength. This morning he was pretty much back to normal and returned to work. Luckily, whatever it was passed quickly, albeit rather violently.

Justin said...

Tell Big Z that he probably had what Uncle Julio had at Spring Break, 2 bathrooms in 2 minutes. Hope all is well and can't wait until we come down.