Thursday, December 11, 2008

Babymoon Part II

Monday and Tuesday were absolutely gorgeous! We had bright blue skies with clouds only off in the distance. It made for fabulous days of laying on the beach, playing in waves, snorkeling, and pretty much just taking it easy!

Monday we took a boat over to Praia Pouso and walked the short trail to Praia Lopes Mendez.

A couple pictures around Ilha Grande from the boat.

When we got to Lopes Mendez, it was almost totally deserted! Three kilometers of natural beach pretty much to ourselves for the day wasn't too bad!

Eric is highly entertained by my growing belly these days! He thinks it is funny that now even when I lie on my back, it still pokes out. I find the resemblence between my belly and the mountain behind me rather disturbing . . . ;)

Not a bad view for the day!

After spending most of the day in the water and in the sun, we found a shady spot under some trees to enjoy a late afternoon nap.

Tuesday we spent most of the day on a snorkeling trip to Lagoa Azul along with a couple other stops around the island.

The aptly named Lagoa Azul (Blue Lagoon) above and below. We got to see lots of interesting coral and fish while snorkeling.

Tuesday afternoon we took a boat back over to the mainland and hopped a bus back to Belo Horizonte overnight. Despite being quite tired when we got back (sleep on a bus isn't exactly the most restful), it was a fabulously relaxing four day mini-vacation!


Anonymous said...

How BEAUTIFUL! That is definetly going on my list of places to visit!! Im glad you all had such a good babymoon!! haha

Ray Adkins said...


What an awesome trip!
I can't wait to get down there again and go to Ilha Grande.
We went in 1993, the prison was still active and we were alowed only on one part of the island, can't wait to go back and check the rest of it...
Have a nice trip home for Christmas.