Friday, December 5, 2008

And . . . We're Off!

Next week will go quickly. Monday is a holiday for our city, so we're both off work. Tuesday is a make-up day for a holiday Eric worked back in March. Friday we leave for the US (on a new direct flight from BH to Miami - YEA!) and the snow-covered Iowa awaiting us.

Instead of spending our days off responsibly packing and preparing for our trip, we've decided to do something more fun: Ilha Grande. Before heading north to the frozen tundra, we figured we should go spend our 4-day weekend soaking up some rays and playing in waves. Because heck, we live in a tropical paradise, we should probably show up with some fresh tan lines and rub it in a little, right? hehehe

We wanted to go to Bahia and check out the beaches there, but airfare was awfully expensive. So instead, we are hopping a bus tonight at 8:30 that will dump us off to catch the boat to the island around 6:00 in the morning. And then we'll make our return overnight Tuesday.

And then I'll start packing the sweaters and coats and scarves and gloves we'll need for our highly anticipated trip back to the homeland. And I'll remember why I'm happy to call Brasil home for right now (despite the problems trying to buy a frozen turkey, the plumbers who don't show and/or make a mess, the food that ends up on the floor of the restaurant without apologies, and the drivers without respect for anyone else on the road.) Yep, nothing like one last island beach trip fresh on your mind to make returning home in January after vacation a little bit easier!


Aline said...

Have fun and enjoy Ilha Grande...enjoy the beautiful weather and be prepared to the cold up here in is already cold here in California and i can't imagine how cold is in Iowa...
at least i will down south for the holiday to warm up a little
have a sunny trip!!!!

Anonymous said...

Iowa weather as of December 5.
Low: -9 degrees C
High: -1 degrees C
100% Snow and Ice Cover. Sunny.

Forecast: Snow. Followed by more snow and wind at 100 kph out of the North. It may warm enough to turn the snow into ice and then turn really cold again. This may continue for 3 more months.

Sunrise: 9:56 AM
Sunset: 3:38 PM

Plumbers: None available. All on vacation in Brazil.

lovelydharma said...

Hope you guys have a great time there! It was one of my favorites. (I also hope you don't have the same experience we had with the ferry breaking down at sea on the way back...) Happy trails!

Emily said...


Hahahahahaha . . . crack me up!

(I'm guessing I won't be laughing so hard this time next week though!)