Thursday, October 23, 2008

Christmas in October

Excitment filled the air last night around these parts. We received a surprise box in the mail from Eric's folks and we were like a couple kids on Christmas morning last night as we dug in to see what kind of good stuff we got.

All kinds of yummy chocolate for me, chips and salsa for Eric, and an adorable super soft blanket, teething ring, and cute ducky bib for Z Baby! It was such a thoughtful gesture and the food probably isn't going to last long around here. (Eric left this morning for an overnight business trip and threatened to take it all with him to ensure he gets to eat some of it - hehe)

So, if you'll excuse me now, I have a mini Milky Way bar (or 12) calling my name. We're four months into this pregnancy thing and I've gained less than 15% of my 9 kg up to this point . . . I've got some work to do. ;)


Beth Olmstead said...

Remember everything in moderation... you can't gain all your kilo's in one weekend! =)

Bru said...

hey, we have snickers here (thank god)!!! They are extremely overpriced, but we do have them ;)

Anonymous said...

Mail packages are the best! They are sooo much fun!!