Wednesday, October 15, 2008

14 Weeks Down, 26 More to Go

This weekend marked Week 14 for me and Z Baby. According to my sources, the little one is roughly 4" long crown-to-rump now and weighs in at nearly an ounce. Meanwhile, the mommy has gained a bit more than an ounce - 2 whole pounds actually, right to the waist. I think it's official that I need to retire one pair of my 'skinny jeans' now and my little gut has me steering away from anything too clingy (you know, since I don't actually look prego yet, just like I have indulged in one too many scoops of ice cream!)

We have our next appointment on Wednesday morning (October 22) with our new highly recommended obstetrician, and within the next 6 weeks we should be able to find out if Z Baby is um menino or uma menina! And then the fun shopping can fully commence!


Mrs. De Miranda said...

That's so exciting!! My parents were giving me down the country (we were talking about me going to Brazil with my husband) and telling me not to have kids when I was there and that it wasn't safe, the doctors were not good, etc etc. I told them a little about your story and told them I would follow along and make that determination! Im glad to know that you feel comfortable having a baby in Brazil!

Amanda said...

Oh, Z baby is sooooo cute!
Thanks for the belly pose!

Ray Adkins said...


I think is SUPER COOL that you are having a baby in Brazil and your child will have double citizenship!
The double citizenship is definitely a great thing to be bringing from your Brazilian experience.


Ray Adkins said...

Dear Mrs. de Miranda,

Medicine in Brazil is very well respected around the world, they have great Hospitals and doctors, they even have made some very important discoveries in the Cardiac field and are known to be the absolute best plastic surgeons...
Americans have gone to Brazil for years for plastic surgery and now there is a new trend of us going to Sao Paulo for some very sophisticated treatments and surgeries that are really expensive in the US and much more affordable in Brazil.
So, rest assure, you will be in great hands if you decide to have your baby in Brazil.


Aline said...

Baby Z mom's is looking great! Can't wait to find out if baby Z is a menino or menina.
Also, enjoy and take a lot of naps because once baby Z shows up no more nap will be possible until baby Z gets marry :)

AcesHigh said...

Mrs Miranda, just be sure to have your baby on a PRIVATE hospital. Private healthcare in Brazil is awesome... the problem is the public free (well, nothing is free, we pay taxes of course) healthcare from SUS (Sistema Único de Saúde) hospitals.

There are some good SUS Hospitals, but they are rare.

I would suggest that you paid a visit to some private hospitals before having your baby, just to know the hospitals and relax knowing they are indeed good.

Corinne said...

Baby Z looks great!! Having a baby in Brazil is not anymore dangerous than having one anywhere else. The major issue about birth in Brazil is the very high C-section rate (about 25-30% in the public health system and up to 70% in the private health system). It all comes down to choosing your OBGYN carefully, which is not easy - congrats Emily on working that one out!!

Liz said...

Oh you are a "cute" pregnant lady!

Found you from Pioneer Woman's site.