Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Advancement of the Baby Bump

It's growing!

And wow, I've never been happier about low rise pants being in style. I mean if this were the 80's and we were all wearing tight rolled jeans that came up to our belly buttons . . . well, I'd be in major wardrode trouble these days.

We have an ultrasound scheduled for Thursday afternoon. If Z Baby decides to cooperate we should be able to find out if we're growing a boy or girl inside the ever expanding bump! Any guesses?

(I am without any great mother's intuition on this one. I have dreamed 3 or 4 times about it being a boy, for whatever that's worth. But I also had a crazy-real dream recently that we were at our second ultrasound and a second baby appeared on the screen and we were all shocked that we hadn't noticed baby number two during the first ultrasound - so we're now purposely not putting too much confidence in my dreams these days. hehehe)


Corinne said...

good luck with the ultrasound!! Besides finding outthe sex, you can really see the limbs, head and sometimes even hair!! It is amazingly cool!!

I had the weirdest dreams about Kevin while pregnant, mostly about how I could not breastfeed or how he was walking around saying full sentences hours after birth!! Yours so far sound pretty mild!! Be prepared for them to get really strange...

Anonymous said...

aww! that is soo exciting! It is such a cute baby z bump!! I am NEVER right when I guess! But I will be anxiously awaiting to hear about thursday!!

Ray Adkins said...


I have a tip for you and Eric!
We have been hearing more and more lately from very reliable sources that if the couple is very active in the sex department frequency wise, there is a strong tendency for the child to be a boy, if the couple "got" pregnant during a more laid back period, there are more chances to be a girl.
So, I guess you and Eric will have a better idea if your chances are leaning more for a boy or for a girl ;)

Beth O. said...

So fun! I look forward to many more Z bump pictures!

Corinne said...


I have heard exactly the opposite. I rad somewhere that boy sperm swim faster but girl sperm last longer. So if you have lots of sex, you have more girl sperm hanging around, so more chances they get to the egg, but if you have only a little sex, then chances are the faster swimmers (i.e. the boys) will get to the egg first. At least that is what Taking Charge of Your Fertility says, and many believe the book has magic baby-making powers...:)

Emily said...

I'm going to have to endorse Corinne's proposal here. But that's all I'm going to say about THAT! ;)