Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ilha Grande: As gorgeous as the Caribbean?

So the great question on our minds today: will the beaches of Ilha Grande be as beautiful and wonderful as everyone keeps telling us? They keep getting compared to the Caribbean. And, well, after our fabulous honeymoon at Couples Swept Away in Negril, Jamaica, we are sure hoping that everyone is right!

For a little comparison, let's explore a few images still stuck in my mind from August:

And sure, the natural scenery was great, but it was this handsome thing I liked looking at the most:

Luckily, I'm taking him with me to Ilha Grande too! (insert 12 year old school-girl giggle here)

We leave tonight by bus and should be on a boat heading towards the island by 8:30 tomorrow morning! Monday I'll bring you the images of Ilha Grande and see if it really is all it's hyped up to be. (I'm guessing, and hoping, that it is!)


joe from co said...

If the photos I've seen on Google Earth are any indication you won't be disappointed! (I also researched Ilha Grande for my Rio trip.)

Rachel said...

it's beautiful. really really beautiful. i think the best part is that it is still so wild and mostly untouched, unlike the majority of the caribbean. you'll see :) have fun!

ps. my boyfriend says to be sure to visit the Lopes Mendes beach.

i say, don't hike it, take a boat!!!!

Amanda said...

Wow I sure missed alot while I was sick; it has taken me awhile to catch up on it all! I am still chuckling when I think about poor Eric at the police station. Why does he keep getting pegged as "gay" down there? Does he have the Brazilian Gay look or something?!! Too funny! And I am still pondering the "hygeine" post; very interesting......
Hope y'all have fun this weekend!

Jeremy Sarber said...

Wow. I want to go. It's snowing again here.

Thelma said...

Hi Emily!

I found your blog through Rachel's. I'm a Brazilian living in Canada after living 2 and half years in US.
Your blog is great! I read it since the beginning and I loved it! I'll come back for sure!

I'm sure you guys will have an awesome time in Ilha Grande! I'll be waiting for the pictures on Monday. ;-)