Thursday, March 13, 2008

Festa for the Ants

So, last week I introduced you to my new little ant problem. Luckily, I destroyed all the little critters and seemed to be pretty much ant free. Sure, I'd occasionally have to squish one that wandered across my computer desk, but for the most part, they had vacated my home.

Turns out, they really are Brasilian ants. And I unknowingly threw a little festa (no, not fiesta...this is Portuguese folks, not Spanish) for them last night. After making tacos on Tuesday, I thought I'd be all Brasilian-like last night and prepare arroz (rice), tutu (think refried beans except with black beans and lots of bacon flavor), and quiabo (okra) for supper. I used my food processor to get my beans all nice and smooth and then set the bowl aside while I finished preparing the meal. About an hour later, I picked up the bowl (which had a little bit of black beans in it where I didn't get it all scraped out) only to find it inhabited by exactly 73 little black ants! (Okay, maybe not exactly 73, but real close to it.) Beans...the ants were attracted to my beans that had bacon in sugar, honey, or any other ant attractants...beans...and bacon. Are you kidding me? I've been basically ant free for over a week now and they all come crawling out of who-knows-where when they smell bacon and beans. And this, my friends, is my irrefutable evidence that they are Brasilian ants.

(I come to this conclusion because of the story one of our friends here tells us about his visit to the USA. He ate at Applebees everyday for a week because it was the only place in town where he found he could get rice and beans for lunch. Well, that story and the fact that pretty much everyone here eats rice and beans for lunch, everyday.)

Tonight we're having meatloaf, baked beans, green beans, and rolls. Despite all the "beans" in the name, I think my preparation methods should foreign enough that the ant festa will be moved elsewhere tonight. I hope so anyway.


Elizabeth said...

That's very interesting. Who would have thought beans would be the desired food group for Brazillian ants?

Jeremy Sarber said...

Those guys must move quick.

cherie said...

Are you using the "Blue Willow" recipe for meat loaf?


Emily said...


Of course I used Blue's the only meatloaf that has earned me marriage proposals (from both genders, mind you!) :)

I think of you everytime we have meatloaf and use the meatloaf pan your gift certificate bought me!

(Wouldn't you know that of all the things I had to leave behind in the US, I bring my meatloaf pan to Brasil!)

strem said...

Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by on my blog, Emily. Your knowledge of the muscadines is really great in helping me figure out all of this. I'm sorry about your ant problem there. We've had two 70+ degree days here in the St. Louis area so far this year...and I should have guessed it. I found tiny ants coming into my windows. ALREADY! I think it is time to call an exterminator. Hope your ant troubles are gone soon.