Friday, February 1, 2008

Oh what to wear, what to wear?

Well, Carnival is here! This weekend (well, actually I guess this whole last week) kicks off the beginning of the celebration that we've heard so much about. Lent begins on Wedneday, but before the Brasilians go about the self-deprivation, you better party it up like the best of them and get it all out of your system for awhile. And heck, even if you don't do the whole Lent thing (which from what I gather, about 95% or so don't) that's okay, you can come out and party too!

From the time we arrived in October, everyone has been asking us what our Carnival plans were. We really want to do Rio, because, well, an American can't be in Brasil for Carnival and not see Rio. But, we decided we should save that one for next year when we are a little less American (and a lot more fluent in Portuguese!) A few weeks ago, one of the secretaries at Eric's office invited us to join her, her boyfriend, and her brother, and go to São João Del Rei for the 4 day weekend. It is a small colonial town just a couple hours away. The pousada (like a bed and breakfast) they were staying at still had a room available, so we booked it and tomorrow morning we head that way!

So now the only question that remains is what do I wear??? I searched the internet for some inspiration and I'll tell you one thing: feathers are in! ;)

Oh, don't worry. I'll have lots of pictures to post when we get back on Tuesday night! (Well, okay it may be Wednesday before I have caught up on sleep enough to post...we'll see.)

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