Monday, February 25, 2008

Our Apartment, Now Looking a Little More Lived-In

Well, it's been a while since December when I posted some pictures of the apartment. We've gotten a lot more furniture and our shipment of personal goods from the US since then. And now the place is looking a little more lived in. My grandparents requested some updated pictures, so here you go.

Just inside our front door to the left, this is the half-bath.

With the door to my back, here is a straight shot into the great room. The living area is on my right.
Here's a shot looking into the living area of the great room. (Please ignore the fact that my houseplants are still in black plastic containers...I do intend to put them in nice planters, I just haven't found 'just the right ones' yet.)
And standing in the living area looking back at the built in shelves. The dining room table is to the right.
A little closer view of our beloved marble-topped table and the chairs we finally decided on.
Standing in the corner and looking back towards the front door (in the shadows on the right.)
Just to my right from the picture above, here is looking into the 'official' dining room that we aren't really using right now. The 3 bedrooms, the office, the guest bathroom, and the kitchen all have entrances from this room.
Coming around the corner and looking left, you have the kitchen. Looking into the kitchen

The kitchen is sort of L-shaped, so here I am standing in the doorway of the laundry room looking back into the kitchen.
And here my back is to the 'service entrance' (back door) and looking at the laundry room. (The maid's quarters are on my right and maid's bathroom on my left. You'll have to look at the old post to see those-they really haven't changed any given that I am the only maid around here!)
If you go back into the dining room, this is the first room on the far right. It is our main guest bedroom. (We promise to have a mattress on the bed frame before we receive any house guests!)

The next room is used as a home office. It still needs some organization, as I haven't been able to find folders for my filing yet. (That sort of thing is a real problem here for us. It seems like people here tend to just get by with whatever they have and don't find it nearly as necessary to have specialty equipment/supplies. Some things, like manila folders, I just can't do without.) So for now, my "files" are in separate piles on the table and driving me absolutely nuts!
A different view in the office of the built in desk and shelves. It's not really the perfect set-up for a computer desk, but it works out well enough.
The next room is the oh-so-green guest bathroom. (Which for some unknown reason has much better water pressure than our master bath, so we tend to take our showers in here while we don't have company.)

Here is the second guest bedroom. (We moved the twin bed that was in the office into this room.)
And here is looking into the master suite from the dining room.

The master bathroom is right behind me in this shot.

And a little peak into the master bath.
And now for a couple of our views. This is the view on the North side of the apartment from our living room windows. The building in the middle is the edge of Minas TĂȘnis Clube that takes up 2 complete city blocks. (The building you can see houses the tennis courts, some of the basketball courts, volleyball courts, a couple indoor pools, etc.)
All of the bedrooms and the office are on the West side of the apartment and have windows looking out onto this street. Here is the view to the South.

And here is the view to the North.
And there you have it, the updated version of the photo tour! We still have plenty we need/want to do: hang pictures, paint, organize the office, buy a mattress for the guest bed, get stuff planted in the window boxes, etc. . . But it is quite livable now and we are enjoying it! It really is starting to feel like home to us!


Kate said...

The home front looks wonderful! This has to be so exciting for you two! Love the pictures! Keep them comming


Amanda said...

Wow, you did a good job Em. It all looks so pretty and comfortable and the romms look HUGE! What a blessing to have such nice digs in Brasil. I bet you are feeling more and more at home with each passing day!

Amanda said...

I meant rooms! Don't know what a romm would be!

Anonymous said...

Nothing like the 'good life' in Brazil.