Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ah, yes this is paradise

So after all my complaining about the rain yesterday, would you believe that it didn't rain at all today?

I was anxious to get out and enjoy this new found beautiful weather, but I had to wait around on the cable guy, our sofa delivery man, and my Portuguese lesson. Well, of course the cable guys and the sofa all arrive during the only 1 hour of my day that is planned and inturrupted my lesson. But, by noon I was free! (Oh, and I am proud to report that we are no longer stealing, well actually I prefer "borrowing", a random un-password protected wireless network anymore-one perk of living in a highly populated area. But we now have our very own high speed internet bill and cable television. Woohoo!)

I needed to handle a few household duties, so I did that first. Then I had a manicure/pedicure appointment at 4:00 (Have you noticed a lack of blogging about this activity? Would you believe I haven't had one since we got back January 4? Yes, I was waaaaay overdue. The weekly ritual is back on now though! Especially since my new place only charges US$6.67!) On my walk home from the salon the thin layer of clouds that had been hanging around all day broke free and the sun was shining through a clear blue sky. I rushed home, being careful not to stump my toe or something and ruin my new pedicure, changed into my swimsuit, put on a cover-up (because really I should have been going to workout not layout), and took myself and my snazzy new nails across the street to the club to layout by the pool and start reading a new book. The clouds came and went for the next hour and a half, but it felt good to be outside and not get rained on. It was sometime during my lounging that I remembered just how great I've got it and ah, yes, this is paradise!


Kate said...

$6.67 that's a steal!! You lucky dog, it's been snowing like crazy this afternoon in Iowa. Oh I can't wait till the day comes that I can put my bathing suit on, I'm jealous!

Anonymous said...

It should be illegal for you to talk about "lounging by the pool in a swimsuit all afternoon"
How dare you! Don't you know what we are suffering through here in the states? Even in South South Georgia it has been ridiculos lately. And you just made me ANGRIER by telling about your $6 pedi and mani. A little respect here for your friends please! :)