Thursday, January 24, 2008

Healthy Shopper Once Again

For anyone concerned about my health after the post about being tired of shopping, well, I'm back in the saddle again! I finally got to buy my 'Brasilian' china. I thought the red and black really adds a little something to the black marble table. But then again, a true Dawg (that would be University of Georgia Bulldog for those who may not know) thinks red and black looks good on anything! And let me tell you, {insert sarcastic tone here} I can't even begin to explain Eric's excitement over this whole thing. He especially liked the part where we were walking out of the store after buying 8 not-so-cheap place settings and I said, "Hmmm, now we need to figure out what color chargers we want to go under these." I was encouraged by the fact that he remembered what a charger was, but I did have to explain why we needed them so badly. (You don't want to scratch the polish on our marble now, right babe?) It does take a good man to be married to me! :)

And I guess it's a good thing that I am back in shopping mode because we are going to test drive a different car this weekend. Eric went in to order our Fiat Siena last week and then learned that if we were to purchase the Stilo, we would get a higher discount. Back to the Excel spreadsheet we went, and well, it looks like we might come out about the same or a little better buying the Stilo. The operating costs are higher, but with the higher discount we lose less at resale time. The Stilo is a much nicer car and the Brasilians are very encouraged by our consideration of it (much less Grandpa-ish they say.) The best way to describe it is like a small crossover. Think Ford Edge - which I have been totally obsessed with ever since it came out last year - except a lot smaller. Who knows what we'll end up buying, but by next week we should have done enough homework to go place our order!

Our shipment from the US is scheduled to be delivered at 10:00 am tomorrow morning. I am rather ecstatic! All my STUFF! And I do like my stuff. I spent today giving the whole apartment a good scrub down so my things arrive to a sparkling clean home (and I guess so the delivery guys can get it all good and dirty tomorrow?) We're wishing for the best and hoping to receive our shipment in good condition with no busted up toaster ovens or Belgium waffle makers!

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Beth said...

Oh Emily, I love, love, love your china! I don't have any red in my house but I want to get braver. The shape of each piece is great too! It is cool!

So glad your stuff is arriving! I am sure you will have fun unpacking it!

Take Care,