Friday, January 18, 2008

A Good Day After All

Despite yesterday's Portuguese class and the trauma that went along with it, Thursday ended on a happy note.

Eric got home from work about an hour earlier than usual (he's been putting in a lot of overtime ever since we got back here.) Fabricio, a coworker and friend, came with him. The three of us walked across the street to Minas TĂȘnis Clube. (It takes up 2 city blocks and is about 5 stories tall. It has everything from pools, to tennis courts, to racquetball, a restaurant, social events, cultural classes, etc. Think country club mixed with YMCA but minus the golf course. It is pretty awesome!) Fabricio is already a member there and we are about ready to join, so we went to see what all we needed. Turns out, Fabricio was able to get us a 1 week free pass so we could check it out before we join and we learned that we already have all the necessary documents needed for membership.

Then we got home and the doorman had our mail for us. Three pieces of mail exactly: a card from our friends Courtney and Dave, a letter from our dear Cherie, and a letter from Banco do Brasil that had Eric's official CPF card. A good mail day to say the least and we were really needing that CPF card! It is necessary to open a bank account, get a cell phone, and a whole host of other things. We were told it would take 30 days to get it, so we've been pretty bummed and Eric's last paycheck was a bit of an issue since we didn't have a bank account yet!

So, the day is getting better already and then Eric tells me that he got an email and our air shipment has arrived in Brasil! Which means as soon as it clears customs (< 1 week hopefully) I will have a fully stocked kitchen along with some other things we've been missing. YEA!!!!!

Eric then looked at me and asked if I had made anything for supper. I told him I was planning just sandwiches and salad since I didn't know how long it would take at the Clube. His suggestion: let's go out and celebrate good news! When does a wife turn down an offer like that? So we went to one of our favorite places and had really cold beer, filet mignon, and the best ever seasoned fries. (We've been on a healthy eating kick ever since we returned - we were due a cheat day!) Then we came home and made caipirinhas for a little night cap.

I know it seems pretty trivial and all, but these few little things are going to make life around here so much easier!

We have plans to go hang out at the Clube and do some touring of Belo Horizonte this weekend. Hopefully I'll actually have some pictures to post for Monday! Eric told me my blog is not a blog without pictures. I believe that my readers (all 7 of you) are able to, um, well, read, but just the same, I'll try to have more pictures next week. :)


Beth said...

Emily, Thanks for commenting on my blog! Hopefully you can find the granola ingredients!I love reading about all of your adventures! Sounds like things are coming together for you all.

Take Care,

Amanda said...

Well after catching up on the things I missed in Brasil since tuesday, it sounds like you have been pretty busy. I laughed every time I read the word "tweeny" and it sounds even funnier when you say it out loud. That one will definitly be added to my large vocabulary! My husband is is my tweeny!

Anonymous said...

I'm from BH and I trying really hard to understand what you call "tweeny" here. We don't have nothing that sounds like that here!!!