Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mama's Little Bargain Shopper

I'm sort of a fan of shopping. And an even bigger fan of snagging good deals. There are a few consignment shops that I like a lot - especially when you're looking for little kid clothes. They outgrow everything so fast that I can often find things that either still have the new tags on them or that appear to have only been worn a couple of times. Consignment shops are also my favorite place to buy "play clothes", since, if I only pay 75 cents for a shirt, I really don't care what Gabriela spills on it or how dirty she gets!

I think that a lot of times consignment shops are over-priced for my kind of shopping. When I can buy new at Kohl's or Younkers for 60-90% off, then I refuse to pay more than that for used. But, when a consignment shop has a sale...oh boy, the deals can be fantastic!

Stuff Etc. in Coralville, Iowa had their annual 1/2-off sale, so I had to hit it up! I came away with quite a bit for the girls (mostly Gabriela):

10 shirts
3 pairs of pants
6 dresses
3 medium-lightweight jackets
2 heavy winter coats (one for each girl for next year)
1 pink peacoat

The grand total of all 25 pieces was just $58.51!

The store was packed, and I thought it might be easiest to shop without "company". So I sent Eric and the girls down the road to a home and farm store (you can imagine how much Eric protested) while I hit up the sales.

Once we got home, Gabs was pretty excited to unload the goodies!


brii said...

I like how she has to turn in a full circle to take the jacket off :-)

Cherie Griffin said...

I keep thinking about what Nathan said about the "broken camera" when he came along. Where are the pictures of Lilian? Want to see her, too.

Emily said...

I know Cherie!!! I've got her 4 and 5-month letters coming down the line though with lots of pictures...If I can ever just get myself caught up around here! :)