Friday, August 6, 2010

Guess who's wearing big girl panties today?

Hint: It's not me.

Wait, I mean, yes I am too. But that's not what I am about to show you pictures of.

This is much cuter...

Training pants, technically, I guess. And a purse. You can never go wrong with accessorizing.

We are far from ready to leave diapers behind forever. But this is a start! Gabs has been staying dry for longer and longer stretches and using the potty more and more. I figure taking the diaper off gives us both a little more motivation to get there even more often. So we're going to try having part of our day diaper-free and see how it goes.

Plus, I mean, really, is this not the cutest thing ever!


Nadja Saori said...

Really nice pictures! Lindas demais!!!
Is your next baby boy or girl? Or is it going to be a surprise? :D
Byee Bye

Katiebell said...

Oh my side!!! SO CUTE! You go Miss Gabriela!

Sweet Melissa said...

No, there is nothing cuter!! What a big girl!

Anonymous said...
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