Friday, June 11, 2010

She's Got Her Mama's Nose

Dr. Carneiro says that Bebe Dois has her Mamae's nose. That ranks towards the end of my list of features that I'd like to pass along, but what can you do? ;) The previously uncooperative child decided to lay traverse instead of breech on Tuesday evening and gave us a real nice shot of her hind end. Proving that Mama's intuition was all wrong: turns out IT'S A GIRL!

We're really excited! Since they are only going to be 17 months apart, it will be fun that they're both girls! Plus, I get to use all the adorable baby girl stuff again. And I don't have to feel guilty buying more cute stuff for Gabs since, after all, it is going to get used by at least two kids! (Eric really loves my rationalization. haha)

Got a fabulous report from the doctor doing the ultrasound. Bebe Dois is doing well. She's a little on the small side, measuring 1 week behind where I am in the pregnancy. But 10 days past due, her big sister only weighed 7 pounds. Turns out that maybe I just don't grow monster-sized babies like my Mama did. And that's not a complaint!

Placenta is posterior, just like you want it. Amniotic fluid levels are normal. Umbilical cord is perfect. Baby is active. At 25 weeks, she is about 31 cm long (12.2 inches) and weighs 709 grams (1 pound and 9 ounces).

The place we had the ultrasound always burns a DVD of the exam while they perform it. I'm excited to get home and compare this one to one we had of Gabs at this age. I think Gabriela moved a ton more than Bebe Dois. Bebe Dois opened and closed her fists and kept opening her mouth like she was yawning, but was generally pretty chill. I seem to remember them chasing Gabriela around my uterus during ultrasounds . . . it will be interesting to see if my memory serves me correctly!

Watch out world (or at least Eric)! We women are taking over around here.


Beth O. said...

Congrats! How exciting! Jason laughed at your "rationalization", then said "Poor Eric".

Way to cook 'em!

Vivi DiLopes Adams said...

Parabens! Eu sou louca pra ter uma menina (nao estou gravida ...yet). Meu marido diz que tem certeza que vou fazer dela uma "perua."

Jenna Davis said...

very exciting! 2 girls will be so fun! we need to get together soon before your lives get even more crazy!:) enjoy the rest of your trip and travel safe back.

Katiebell said...

So excited for y'all, Emily! I can't wait to see who she looks like...if anything like Gabriella people are going to think they're twins! : )