Monday, June 14, 2010

How The Gabster Passes Her Time in Brasil

Gabriela's been enjoying time in her homeland. Her bright blue eyes, constant babbling, and huge smile have been getting her a whole lot of attention in Belo Horizonte, and she's just eating it up. She acts like a movie star as we walk down the street or move through a crowd: waving at everyone, reaching out to grab people's hand as they pass by, smiling and laughing the whole time.

Here are a few pictures of how she passes her time...when she's not flirting with strangers, sitting through long meals with friends, or taking incredibly long naps (I think we've been wearing her out!)

Carrying home Papai's Guarana. (And nope, not allowed to have a drop of it.)

Playing in the grass at Vale Verde. (Yes, she walks like a pro now, but still loves to crawl too.)

Hanging out with her amiginha, gorgeous 6-month-old Leticia

A Sunday afternoon in Ouro Preto

Fun in the hotel:

Creating her own parade across the living room

Unpacking her suitcase, for the 132nd time (And trying to figure out how to put on her bikini top.)

Emptying Mamae's underwear drawer (Tossing aside anything cotton (seriously), but "wearing" the silky or lacy things. She also likes to pull everything out of Papai's drawer, but the only thing she deems nice enough in there to play with is his sunga (speedo))


Nani said...

She is more beautiful everyday!

I pray that when my husband and I have a kid, it will be as "easy" and "sleepy" as Gabriella!

Emily said...

Thanks Nani! We are certainly blessed! We're hoping this second kid is as easy as Gabs has been - although everyone with kids laughs at us when we say that. They seem to think we have a "little something" coming to us! haha