Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's Not That Kind of Party

Alternate Title: What Happens When You Put Daddy In Charge of Naptime

Mommy knows to pull the hotel crib away from anything that Gabriela's little arms can reach before you put her down in it. Daddy hadn't yet learned that lesson.

But neither of us quite expected to find this when she woke up from her nap this afternoon:

I took Gabs into the shower with me after Eric got home from work (very early, since everything shuts down when Brasil is playing in the World Cup!) Then I handed her out to Eric to lay her down for an afternoon nap. It was warm in the room, so he just put her in a diaper and her swaddle (yes, the kid still loves to be swaddled when she sleeps).

Apparently, after she woke up, she climbed out of her swaddle, as usual, but then proceeded to pull down everything she could reach on the desk beside her crib, including a box of Eric's business cards, her pajamas, and a DVD. Then, she went ahead and took her diaper off.

When we heard her in the other room talking, Eric opened the door to get her up. But he stopped, immediately started laughing, and called me over. We walked in the room to our daughter standing stark naked in her crib dancing up a storm with a huge smile on her face.

Granted, it's World Cup, we're in Brasil, and they were about to play their first game. I can see how she might be excited. But really, this isn't that kind of party!

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