Friday, October 9, 2009

On the Road Again

Monday is yet another Brasilian holiday. I love holidays. Especially when they fall next to a weekend and I get to go somewhere fun with my Sweetie!

We are taking off this evening and driving Southwest on BR-381. I have reservations at a hotel right off the highway for late tonight. Then tomorrow morning we are going to drive over to Poços de Caldas. After that we have no definite plans. We might stay in Poços de Caldas or we might continue on elsewhere. We might swing down to Americana and touch base with my Southern roots, or we might . . . well, who the heck knows what we'll do. We're not staying here though, that much I know.

It's not much like us to take off without definite plans. But we want to go exploring and not be on a schedule. We'll see what happens!

On a side note, the holiday is Dia das Crianças (Children's Day). The way I understand it, you're supposed to go out and spend a lot of money on a present for your kids. We're opting to take that money and go on a long weekend trip. Sorry Gabs. I guess you'll just have to add this to the list of ways you were deprived as a child. ;)


Jenna Davis said...

sounds fun - somehow i envision that this may be how much of my life goes, trips without a plan (if jimmy is in charge that is:)) have a great weekend - i look forward to seeing you guys again!

Li said...

The holyday is "dia de nossa senhora Aparecida". Dia das crianças just happened to be on the same day.
Just to let you know.

Anonymous said...

12 de Outubro - Feriado de Nossa Senhora de Aparecida (Padroeira do Brasil) ;)

Children's day happens to be the same day.

Ray Adkins said...

Dear Emily,

Pocos de Caldas is a beautiful city, lot's of water falls, Factory Outlets that sells really nice hand made Crystal and glassware.
Just so you know, during the 1940's the city had many prosperous Cassinos but they became ilegal and where all shut down, the nice hotels remained.
A small town near Pocos de Caldas is Pocinhos do Rio Verde, there are water fountains with a powerful sulfur water that is used for healing internal ulcers.
Look up Pocinhos do Rio Verde, there are some nice Hotel Fazendas in the area and lot's of small family operated wineries, good local wine.
Have a nice trip!


cherie said...

I DO hope you will go to Americana and report back. That place and era have always fascinated me

halfgitana said...


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Rogério Penna said...

I wonder why we brazilians dont celebrate Columbus Day. In fact, until a while ago, I didnt even know the exact date Columbus discovered the Americas... I only knew the year.

Instead, we celebrate the Discovery of Brazil by portuguese explorer Pedro Alvares Cabras. Old portuguese-spaniard rivalry I guess (even though Columbus was actually Genovese)

Rogério Penna said...

oops, where I said Cabras (goats), please read "Cabral".