Sunday, October 25, 2009

Goodbye Brasil (Too Soon)

I've already tried throwing myself on the floor, pounding my fists, and wailing, "But I don't waaaaanna! Não queeeeeero!"

It was quite the sight.

And it didn't work.

December. Iowa. {Insert Pouty Face.}

Our Big Brasilian Adventure will be drawing to an end soon. And we will be returning to the land of all things frozen and cold. (Can Brasilians, especially those of the infant variety who are quite the budding little nudists, even survive in such a habitat?!?)

We've known most of this year that the chances of us staying a third year, as we were hoping for, were slim. With the economy in the US and Europe not so super stellar, companies are looking to save money where they can. Expats are expensive. And despite the fact that we are way at the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to expats of the world, it is definitely more expensive for the company to have Eric in Brasil than in the US. We were holding out and hoping that maybe something would change and we wouldn't have to return quite yet. There is still so much we want to see and do in Brasil and South America! (And not to mention so many exciting things happening here economy-wise, etc.) Two years has passed so quickly!

As of last week though, it pretty much became official and sometime around December 23 we are being repatriated.

I am a great big believer in your attitude determining your reality. So by the time December rolls around, I will suck it up and focus on the many, many positive aspects of moving back (family, friends, Mexican food, Chik-fil-A, sales at Kohl's . . .) and try to ignore the fact that the outdoor temperature is colder than the temperature inside my freezer. But don't think for a minute I'm not going to pout a little first. ;)

I've been a real big fan of our lifestyle in Brasil and all the wonderful friends we've made. I'm going to miss year-round pool weather. I'm going to miss being just 5 hours from the beach. I'm going to miss our weekends being completely ours. I'm going to miss caipirinhas and picanha and beijos. And lawsy mercy, I'm going to miss my maid!

I think Gabriela sums it all up better than I can:

But meanwhile, we do have a couple months left. And we certainly plan on living it up!!! More details about our remaining days in our tropical paradise coming soon . . .


Marcio Pareto said...

Poxa... :(

Camila said...

SuperPoxa... :((

Bruno said...

Oh, no!!
I´m addicted to reading your adventures in BH!

cherie said...

Romans 8:28.

Alexandre Macedo - RJ said...

Adoro seu Blog...Adoro vocês, a SUPER GABI é uma Graça.

Acho que todos que o acompanham irão sentir MUITA FALTA(e não me refiro a Expats. Refiro-me a brasileiros como eu).

Essa casa(Brasil) também é de vocês.

Quando partirem, levem com vocês nosso carinho e nossa Saudade! (falo não somente em meu nome, mas com certeza, em nome de todos que os acompanham, apesar de não registrarem comentários).


Elisabeth said...

I also like reading your blogs. I have a daughter with the same name who is 5 weeks old and is also Brasilian. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your last days in BH. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Emily

I grew to admire you while following your very entertaining blog because, among other things, I never detected any kind of condescension or that tendency to generalize that seems to plague many of the expats living in Brazil (as if their own countries were virtually free of flaws and day by day hassles).
We, as Brazilians expats living in the U.S.A. for a couple of years, have had our own share of it, but we never blame this or that on the U.S., which would be unfair or even mindless because we understand that negative stuff happens all the time and anywhere.

Well, soon, just like you, we'll be heading back home to Brazil and like you, we are sad to leave our American life behind although we're happy at the same time to be back and enjoy all the things we love about the country, such as our FAMILY, FRIENDS, having a maid, "mandioquinha" (or "batata baroa" as mineiros know it), "mandioca frita", "comida mineira", home made "doce de goiaba (or goiabada as you wish)", "padarias", paulistano pizza, "pao de queijo", fresh made passion fruit juice, the sweet smell of the grassy fields, the evergreen landscape, the California like weather (Sao Paulo City), that warmness of the Brazilian character, etc.
I think being back is going to be even more exciting because of this special time Brazil is experiencing with the roaring economy and its beneficial effects on society - specially on those less fortunate.

We're so grateful to this country of yours where we have had a great life and where we have made such great friends.

So, we're definitely walking in your shoes!

I am pretty sure that you, Eric and the little Gabriela will be happy wherever you go to because of your GENEROUS attitude towards life.

THANKS A LOT for sharing your awesome Brazilian adventures with us.
We're going to miss you guys big time.

Hope someday you can return to Brazil for a visit so little Gabriela would see her (other) faraway, big and mind boggling country once again.

Be happy.



Amanda said...

Oh I hope that picture is framed and on your bathroom counter to see every morning!!! Nothing you are feeling could possibly be as bad as what little miss was feeling in that picture :)
(p.s. you should totally enter that in photo contest!!)

Stephanie said...

I LOVE Isabel's comment!! She is so right! You do share everything about Brasil with unbiased eyes. I love that too! I have learned so much from your blog and was so grateful to have found it a little over a year ago, realizing I might be soon coming to Brasil! Thank you for sharing your lives with us, giving me advice, and all the best to all the adventures you face in the future!

Corinne said...

Bummer!! I guess your wishing didn´t work! Enjoy your last months here and remember, Brazil is only a plane ride away!!

Ray Adkins said...

Dear Emily,

I will definitely miss reading about your adventures...
It was an amazing experience to watch little Gabriela's every first steps...first cool.
You are such great writer. I hope you can capitalize on this great talent for your professional benefit in the future.
I will check here everyday to follow you as your Brazilian adventures come to a close.

Take care


brasil021943 said...

SuperHiperPoxa... :(((

Não comento muito no blog, porém o leio com certa freqüência. Também vou sentir falta, já virou um hábito meu!

Ray Adkins said...

Dear Emily,

Remember Gabriela will always be eligible to run for President in Brazil!


Rogério Penna said...

Too bad its coming to an end. On the other hand, you are taking a little piece of Brazil with you... and what an adorable little blue eyed piece of Brazil!

Katiebell said...

Love Garbriela's face! I know you're sad to leave. Y'all have had some good times and made so many memories!!